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E Business Web Site Analysis Paper

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The impact of the Internet continues to transform businesses and is fundamentally changing the ways businesses function and operate. The structure of business practices that had traditionally defined an industry and its profitability has been dramatically altered from simply limited by being brick and mortar to online without the constraints that a physical location imposes on a business. E-business models represent the expansion of business strategies to support long-term growth, with this execution the advantages of the internet to facilitate tactical advantages in areas such as customer value and business process. Understanding customer's needs, wants, and desires is always essential to a successful enterprise. After all, without the customer, what can a business aspire to except certain failure.The ever changing world of business puts less of a premium on playing by predefined rules and more on understanding and adapting to the rules of the game-as well as the game itself as they are constantly changing. Examples of such changing business rules, conventions, and assumptions are evident in the emergence of virtual corporations that are most prominently visible in dot com enterprises. The essence is that the corporate world is now encountering not only unprecedented pace of change but also radical discontinuities in such change that make yesterday's best practices tomorrow's core stringencies. A company's success mainly depends on the ability to manage the flow of raw materials, money and information. This flow is called supply chain. There are many problems along the supply chain as its process may be lengthy, complicated and involves many business partners. These problems lead to delays, therefore customer dissatisfaction and loss of revenue may result in a company failure. Over the years companies were compelled to evaluate and reinvent their supply chain strategies in order to stay competitive. The solution is effective supply chain management that requires coordination of all activities and links of the supply chain....

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