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E Cigarettes: Nicotine Without The Chemicals And The Smoke

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A small, southern woman named Mary, who smoked tobacco cigarettes for twenty-two years, wanted something to help her to quit smoking. It’s 2014, Mary explores into the new excitement of technology, as a different modern from the 1963 version of smoking emerges. The new device, formally known as the Electronic Cigarette or E-Cigarette, had been labeled as a new avenue to prevent individuals from smoking. Mary only knew that it would be less harmful than a traditional cigarette. However, Mary was unaware of the fact that e-cigarettes were also destructive to the body. As e-cigarettes became more widespread, the nicotine liquid used in conjunction with the vapor had been studied and was considered to be extremely dangerous. Unfortunely, that didn’t concern Mary since she had been smoking fifteen to twenty cigarettes a day. After purchasing and using an e-cigarette the number of cigarettes Mary smoked daily was cut in half. Mary mentioned that she liked the liquid flavoring of the e-cigarette. She also stated that by switching to e-cigarettes she did not have to worry about the odor of the cigarettes and the cost of e-cigarettes appeared to be less expensive. After using the e-cigarette for eight months Mary was healthier than she had ever been and was finally able to exercise without gasping for air. Mary wanted to discover more studies on e-cigarettes and found that there are health risks to using e-cigarettes. Mary said, “I will take my chances with the vapor. E-cigarettes contain unknown verses over the thousands of known chemicals in traditional cigarettes.” Mary always wanted to know why she had not quit smoking, if e-cigarettes are made for people to stop smoking. It actually does not happen as people think it should be.
Electronic cigarettes or E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that generate vaporized nicotine that users smoke. The modern version was invented in China in 2005, and it has large corporation profits of billions dollars a year. China is the biggest producer of e-cigarettes and has emerged in the U.S as demand grows for liquid nicotine. Because e-cigarettes contain lower levels of toxics than tobacco products, e-cigarettes are commonly promoted as safer than a regular cigarette. E-cigarette use may facilitate tobacco use and initiate increased nicotine addiction among youth and young adults. There are roughly 44 million smokers in the U.S. and according to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) about 1 in 5 of them has tried e-cigarettes (Gary). E-cigarettes appeal to smokers that it’s the cool thing to do and still be able to do it indoors and go out with friends without the smell or yellow teeth. According to this journal, e-cigarettes market has grown 290 million retail sales in 2012 but in 2013 an estimated 1.8 billion according to Bonnie Smith analyst at Well Fargo (Gary).There are exactly 70 chemicals in e-cigarettes are known to cause cancer and other side effects. Tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,000...

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