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E Cigarettes And Cigarettes Essay

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E-cigarettes are a new and more innovative way for smokers to get their nicotine high, and some believe they are even healthier to use while others do not. Many people see the word “cigarette” and assume that it has a lot of health consequences and can cause death and second-hand smoke. While there are some who know what E-cigarettes truly are and know the difference between the two and the change in health risks. I have a neutral idea about the object knowing that it can help people quite cigarette but they still can cause a potential health risk to long time smokers as their body beings to reject the foreign chemicals/objects like tar from the body which is very painfully to experience. E-Cigarettes are treated as regular Cigarettes because of the name it possesses, however the only similarity they share are the effects of nicotine, the main ingredient for both products meaning they might also hold the same health risks as well. However, if this fact is true they should still be permitted to be used in public places since E-cigarette are vapor and not smoke, meaning no second hand smoke.
When it comes down what is inside of both the e-cigarettes and what is inside a regular cigarette, the regular cigarette contains about 600 ingredients and when the cigarette is lit, it can produce over 4,000 chemicals which is really a staggering amount compare to 6 known chemicals that can be harmful to humans as well, but what are these chemicals found in both the cigarette and the e-cig? The regular cigarette is comprised of several chemicals that can be harmful to the human body. Some of them are called Acetone (found in nail polish remover), Acetic Acid (a hair-dye ingredient), Ammonia (household cleaner), Arsenic (used in rat poison), and Benzene (found in rubber cement). (ALA). These chemicals listed are just a small portion of 50 chemicals that are poisonous and/or cause cancer. This fact show what a little “stick” can do to the human body. When it comes down to the e-cigarette it said to have about 6 known chemical that can be harmful to the human body as stated by the FDA of the United States, this is because e-cigarettes are still a relatively new product in the US, and test are still being run on the product to see if hold anymore chemicals or ingredients that are harmful to the human body. One of the chemicals found in e-cigarettes is which is found in anti-freeze, the chemicals that have been claimed to be found in the e-cigarettes, this is because the e-cigarette is still new to the US and need more investigation.
Next thing to discuss is the way each objects laws and regulations placed on them to make sure that they are safe for people to use or smoke. The original cigarettes paper wrapped around grinned tobacco with a rubber-like yellow filter at the end, but the filter does little to against the chemicals and tar that are absorb into the lungs along with carbon monoxide, a harmful pathogenic gas, that makes breathing more difficult as the...

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