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E Commerce: Buiness Done Over The Internet

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Globalization and Technology have altered the way that retailing works, it’s not as it used to be in the past. Day after day more people around the world are introduced to internet and they start benefiting from e-commerce. Today, any kind of business can be done over the internet. It is possible to do international transactions with few simple clicks on your computer or smart phone. According to Mashable the e-commerce sales exceeded one trillion dollars worldwide in 2012 which sets the e-commerce as a huge and important industry. The buying and selling process became more convenient for both of the sellers and buyers. However some people doubt the reliability of e-commerce.

Globalization offers a comfortable experiment to retailers and consumers. Any retailer or individual seller can simply establish an online store and start selling to people from all over the world without making a significant effort, all that is done in a front of computer therefore retailers don’t have to pay the expensive rents of shops and warehouses which contribute to bring down the prices of products and services provided and that surely attracts consumers to shop online. For consumers, they don’t have to deal with the stress of waiting on the crowded cashier lines or the hassle of comparing and finding the best price. Instead of that they can perform a quick search for what they are looking for, pay for it and get it delivered to their doorstep. That surely saves a lot of the time that someone may possibly waste moving between shops and in some cases ending finding nothing.
However some people keep questioning the reliability of e-commerce, they resist changing the traditional way of shopping for security related reasons and fear of fraud and scam. In addition they say if all people shop online the local markets eventually will be abandoned.

It is easy to distinguish trustworthy online stores through online reviews and feedbacks, the online reviews and feedbacks enable the buyers to select the best sellers and avoid scammers. For example on eBay the feedbacks play an important role to...

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