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E Commerce And Its Impact On Business To Business Organisations Supply Chain.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYElectronic Commerce has had significant impact on all aspects of a business. This report looks at how these impacts have had an effect on B2B e-commerce. Furthermore it specifically looks at how supply chain management, supplier empowerment and relationships and communications with suppliers and other business partners have changed.Developments to dateThere have been a number of significant developments to date in e-commerce. The following have been identified as some of the most important:1.Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)2.Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)3.Internet4.Intranets and ExtranetsEvidence of successA case study of a large manufacturing firm has been assessed and the following areas have been identified:1.Productivity gains2.Easier decision making3.Shortening of order cycle4.Eliminate stock control problems5.More personalised support serviceThe full case study is outlined in the report.Possible Future DevelopmentsThe following future developments have been identified as important to B2B e-commerce in the next few years.1.Consolidation of e-marketplaces2.Standards and interoperability3.New technologies4.Sharing of benefits in electronic transactions5.New supply sources6.Management of customer relationshipsCONTENTSExecutive Summary1The impact of electronic commerce on business3E-Commerce Developments To Date4Evidence of success7Intranet7Support function: Human Resource7Support function: E-Learning7Primary functions in Supply Chain7Ordering Products7Manufacturing improvements8Links in supply chain8Distribution8Customer service and Support8The main benefits of applying e-commerce concepts on the supply chain8Drawbacks9Possible future developments10Consolidation of e-marketplaces10Standards and interoperability10New technologies10Sharing of benefits in electronic transactions10New supply sources10Management of customer relationships10Overall11References and Bibliography12IntroductionTHE IMPACT OF ELECTRONIC COMMERCE ON BUSINESSWhen we talk about the new economy, we're talking about a world in which people work with their brains instead of their hands. A world in which communications technology creates global competition - not just for running shoes and laptop computers, but also for bank loans and other services that can't be packed into a crate and shipped. A world in which innovation is more important than mass production. A world in which investment buys new concepts or the means to create them, rather than new machines. A world in which rapid change is a constant. A world at least as different from what came before it as the industrial age was from its agricultural predecessor. A world so different its emergence can only be described as a revolution. Source: Wired, Encyclopaedia of the New EconomyElectronic commerce has impacted on all aspects of business that is without question. E-Commerce has changed the way that companies will do business forever. E-Commerce, as said above, is the new revolution.Exactly what is...

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