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E Mail Import From Access Using Delphi

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As part of Project Management in a Certificate IV in IT, our project team was required to create a database that would simplify the work of one of the teachers at the senior college I was attending.The database consisted of five tables being Students, Student Interests, Interests, Position Interests and Positions. The database was centered on carefully chosen interests. For clarity I will not go into any detail here.Once the database had been completed, the teacher wished to have a sort of automatic contact available for positions that were available for students to apply for (again by interest).A query was exported to a file containing the fields relevant to the position including the student name and the details of the position.Delphi development arose when I needed to read the exported semi-colon-delimited text file and transfer it into a readable e-mail and automatically send each e-mail.The main code for the Delphi program follows and is available to modify and use by other Delphi developers if they have a database of contacts that they wish to e-mail. I also apologise for the non-standard naming of the components.{ Mailer unit follows. }unit mailer;interfaceusesWindows, Messages, SysUtils, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms, Dialogs,NMpop3, StdCtrls, Psock, NMsmtp, Mask, ComCtrls, Math, Menus, ExtCtrls, Registry;typeTForm1 = class(TForm)Mailer: TNMSMTP;Memo1: TMemo;ReplyToLbl: TLabel;ReplyToEdit: TEdit;StatusBar: TStatusBar;BCCLbl: TLabel;BCCText: TMemo;OpenDialog: TOpenDialog;MainMenu1: TMainMenu;File1: TMenuItem;OpenListForBCCAddresses1: TMenuItem;Connect1: TMenuItem;Account1: TMenuItem;EditAccountDetails1: TMenuItem;Bevel1: TBevel;Panel1: TPanel;Label3: TLabel;MyListBox: TListBox;procedure CheckerConnectionFailed(Sender: TObject);procedure EditAccountDetails1Click(Sender: TObject);procedure Connect1Click(Sender: TObject);procedure OpenListForBCCAddresses1Click(Sender: TObject);procedure AddStrings(S: String);private{ Private declarations }public{ Public declarations }end;varForm1: TForm1;i: Integer;Count: Integer;EAD: Boolean;implementationuses account;{$R *.DFM}procedure TForm1.CheckerConnectionFailed(Sender: TObject);beginStatusBar.SimpleText := 'Connection Failed';end;procedure TForm1.EditAccountDetails1Click(Sender: TObject);beginEAD := true;Form2.ShowModal;end;procedure TForm1.Connect1Click(Sender: TObject);beginEAD := false;Form2.ShowModal;beginMailer.Host := Form2.HostEdit.Text;Mailer.UserID := Form2.UserEdit.Text;StatusBar.SimpleText := 'Attempting to connect and send';Mailer.Connect;if Mailer.Connected thenbeginStatusBar.SimpleText := 'Mailer connected...';Mailer.ClearParams := false;Mailer.SubType := mtPlain;Mailer.EncodeType := uuMime;end;Mailer.PostMessage.FromAddress := '';Mailer.PostMessage.FromName := 'Essie Dempster';Mailer.PostMessage.Date := DateToStr(Date());Mailer.PostMessage.ReplyTo := ReplyToEdit.Text;Mailer.PostMessage.ToBlindCarbonCopy.Text := BCCText.Lines[0];Mailer.PostMessage.Body.Text :=...

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