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E Mail Monitoring Essay

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E Mail Monitoring System


E Mail Monitoring System

Don Carter

Grand Canyon University

E Mail Monitoring System

Introduction: In most all places of employment it is almost commonplace today that when newly hired, an employee is requested to sign an Electronic Monitoring policy supplied by their employer. This policy explains the new employer's policy as to email, phones, internet, and other on the job electronic aides and their ability to monitor how employees use company property. As new hires, do we really know what that document means to our day-to-day working situations? Our internet habits, phone conversations or e-mails are not always something we would want our employers to know about, yet based on current precedent in the courts, employees have no right to privacy when using company equipment. Most employers monitor electronic usage to maintain efficiency and to adhere to company policies. Depending on your employers stand on usage of electronic devices, employees may be putting their jobs in danger. Nancy Flynn, executive director of the e Policy Institute in Columbus, Ohio, says the provisions of the act can be translated this way: "The computer system is the property of the employer and as such the employer has the right to monitor Internet activity and e-mail. Employees should have no reasonable expectation to privacy."

The Electronic monitoring policy is the primary avenue in which the employer communicates the organization's policies as well as rules and regulations. It gives the employee a source to understand some of the responsibilities, benefits, wages, appraisals and restrictions of both the employee and the employer. One of the main areas of the policy deals with privacy issues in the workplace. There are several areas to consider when writing a privacy policy. These areas include: the company's position in response to privacy rights issues, privacy protections to limit the company's liability, privacy protections to enhance employee motivation and productivity, ethical considerations and different ways to address state, federal, and international laws.

Employees should have a reasonable expectation of privacy within the workplace; however there are circumstances when an employer has a legitimate right to monitor, investigate, and review the activities of its employees. The following identifies an electronic monitoring policy help to ensure the integrity of company products and property, and the monitoring of employee productivity.

Internet, E-mail, Voice mail - the internal communication systems, as well as the equipment and data stored, are and remain at all times the property of the Company. Accordingly, all messages and files created, sent, received or stored within the system should be related to Company business only. It should be noted that although a message or file is...

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