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E Marketing Plan For Buena Vista Bungalows

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3040MKT E-Marketing Plan ~ Buena Vista Bungalows
GRIFFITH UNIVERSITYGRIFFITH BUSINESS SCHOLLDEPARTMENT OF MARKETING3040MKT Interactive/ Internet MarketingSemester 1, 2007Group assignmentE- Marketing Plan forBuena Vista BungalowsDue Date and Time: 5 p.m., Thursday 10th May, 2007Course Convenor: Ms. Kerri KuhnTutor: Ms. Ellen BloxsomeTutorial Day and Time: Thursday 9- 10 a.m.Student Name & ID:Phoebe Wing Ching FUNG 2178319Helen Li Ping MO 2563079Gonzalo VILLARAN 2186672So Young MIN 2193260Executive summaryToday's technology has moved with each passing day. Especially in cyber world, internet plays a very important role by providing a channel for any communications and transactions to people. Indeed, internet has already held part of their life, and almost can be included as hobby to most. Business players such as suppliers, manufacturers, and customers were also required to change their ways of doing business. Many firms have adopted the internet as a marketing tool to advertise their brands in the virtual market, reach their possible customers quickly and improve relationship with customers.However, despite growing popularity of electronic commerce, many e-retailers or e-service providers are exiting from virtual markets as a result of failing to gain and maintain a customer base. With the pressure of intensified competition, some of them may also find that the effect of using internet does not result in the expected desired performance as they thought, in particular no increase in sales and customers. Yet, they might not recognize where the problems existed. Under such perplexing circumstance, the only explanation for these is that there were lack of an e-marketing plan and the deficient websites presence.This report illustrates the implementation of both an e-marketing plan and website audit for a particular business- Buena Vista Bungalows (BVB). It is a typical hotel business with a combinational website. However, the current site design has not been performed successfully and lack of e-marketing strategies. The purpose of this report is to provide them a clear insight in achieving the highest effect of using internet by adopting strategies, situation analysis and other e-marketing elements from the business's perspective. Desirably, the e-marketing plan and website audit will bring BVB success in the online environment.Table of content1.0 Introduction………………………………………………………………………..12.0 Situation analysis…………………………………………………………………..22.1 Micro-environment...

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