E Marketing Plan For Top Line Social Media Consultants

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Introduction/Executive Summary
TopLines’ mission is to provide clients with consistent, captivating marketing techniques and get them trained on using social media to engage with and grow their community. Our goals are to help client create memorable experiences for their customers with a “do” versus a “say” way of marketing. We also want to foster and encourage social entrepreneurism with partnerships that create positive public relations as an indirect benefit for the company.

The company began in 2014 with a small group of entrepreneurs. Our founder’s vision is to empower, educate and energize new business owners so they can create and sustain a successful business through marketing and branding efforts. This is a home-based business with most operations done online. There are no employees and the services offered enable us to have minimal investment into special equipment. The cases we take on at TopLine are all handled by the managing partners. Some third-party contractors are brought in for complex cases but there are no other employees.

Current company assets include computers, printers and camera equipment. More advanced equipment used for commercial video production is rented for shooting as needed and print marketing campaign material is sent to third-party printing companies paid for by client or released to the client for printing as needed. As fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners, we want to support each other so we can reach and exceed goals that we set for our businesses.

Situation Analysis
A major strength of TopLine is very competitive pricing due to low overhead. All contributors are sub-contracted freelancers and interns that work remotely. Projects that require in-person attendance are done at home-based offices of the managing partners.
With this minimal start up overhead, the company can invest in more web-based programs/subscriptions and software needed to efficiently service clients with competitive rates. We take pride in providing real-time analysis, efficient social media management, creative design e-commerce applications, and dynamic events.

Another competitive advantage is multi-talented founding partners that can provide many services to clients without sub-contracting the project. The partners have several years of experience with corporate marketing, event planning, copywriting, social media management, and many other aspects of marketing.

The company has no expertise with coding and back-end programming but does have so limited experience with web design. Code intense website work is sub-contracted with affordable professionals. Fundamental training is done with the contracted web designer specific to each project in order to supply training to the project manager and interns handling the project so everyone involved in the project can discuss the website with clients. This training is intended to give the project manager and interns a basic understanding of web design as a...

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