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E Marketing Promotion And The Communications Process

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E-Marketing - Promotion and the Communications Process


In this assignment I will be using a case study to demonstrate an
effective promotional campaign plan for the launch of a new e-business
- selling wine over the internet.

The name of the e-business will be 'The Wine Seller', which will help
promote brand recall. This will also form the basis of the PR and
Advertising campaign.

The steps taken will include:

* Promotion Plan/Objective

* SWOT Analysis

* Formulating a marketing and advertising plan

* Setting the Marketing Objectives

* Identifying the target audiences

* Evaluating and implementing the communications mix

The promotional campaign budget is £500,000.

1. Promotion Objective & Plan

'The Wine Seller' is a small company offering high quality products to
two main target markets.

The main business objective is to generate awareness of the website
facility to the existing customer base, respond to the needs of
potential customers and generate awareness to both existing and
potential customers.

Therefore the main objectives of this promotional campaign are to: -

* Create a brand image

* Increase competitiveness

* Improve efficiency

* Add value for the customer

To fulfil these objectives we need to improve communications, enhance
customer service, increase sales, reduce costs and evaluate the

A promotional plan is critical for the development of a successful
promotional campaign.

The organisation should ask itself: -

· What are the overall goals of the promotional campaign

· What is the organisation trying to achieve

· What resources does the organisation need to achieve the objectives

· Which elements of the marketing mix are most appropriate

We already have database information about the two main target
markets. The information leads us to the conclusion that both markets
demand quality, and a wide range of products.

Quality and value for money rather than being the cheapest is more
important to these markets. Therefore the market segment is described
as demo geographic.

The e-business wants to generate awareness amongst current and
potential clients in both the hotel/catering industry and private

The product the organisation has, is well established. The website
will add value to the product and service delivered to the customer.

2. SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis would be the first step in putting together a
promotional campaign plan that will meet the business objectives.

The main objectives for the business are to increase competitiveness
and improve efficiency. To fulfil these objectives we need to improve
communications, enhance customer service, increase sales, maximise
marketing, improve trading relationships, reduce costs and then
evaluate the impact.

If the business doesn't respond to the market it could be left behind
allowing its competitors to catch up.

The organisation...

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