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E Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing Essay

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The potential of e-marketing as strong form of marketing has been discussed in many publications. Despite the worldwide and the Middle East1 overwhelming statistics regarding the phenomenal growth of e-marketing and all other forms on internet based media. There was never clear method, to clearly identify the future expectations of the internet marketing.
E-marketing has grown rapidly in the past decade, many companies have
This paper will discuss the growth of e-marketing in the Middle East in contrast to traditional marketing.
E-marketing is a relatively new form of marketing (also referred to as online advertising), includes mass email advertising, banners on websites, banners on searching engines, advertising during online videos, and any other online advertising. Traditional marketing is all the forms of offline media such as television advertising, road banners and boards, in malls signboards, radio advertising, newspapers and magazines advertising and all similar types of advertising.
This paper reviews the influences of e-marketing in the Middle East and its implications.
To discuss the growth of the e-marketing in the Middle East, first the total growth of the advertising and marketing will be reviewed.
Middle East Marketing Spending Trends
Despite the fact that 2008 was a recession year, and most companies reduced their spending dramatically, marketing spending in Middle East was only slightly affected. Chart 1 shows total marketing spending in Middle East. In 2008 it was $11.2 Billion, in 2009 $11 Billion, then it went up in 2010 to $11.4 Billion (slightly higher than 2008). Based on the data, using a weighted moving average formula (where the average of the readings is taken and used to forecast future readings, giving higher weight to the more recent reading), the expected spending in 2013 will be $15.3 Billion by the end of the year. It is therefore clear that advertising spending in the Middle East is growing consistently.

Chart 1
Advertising spending in Middle East ($ Billions)

McCarthy A. (2013),Worldwide ad, retrieved from
As total marketing and advertising in the Middle East grew, e-marketing also grew for due to three reasons: the increase of internet usage in the past decade, and the increase of smart mobile devices usage, (which made accessing internet more frequent), and increase in the frequency of internet advertising.
Middle East Internet Usage Trends
To understand the growth of online advertising, the overall Middle East internet usage and internet penetration will be discussed, as it influenced that growth. Based on International Telecommunications Union figures shown in Table1, 39% of the world’s population is using the internet. The table also shows that the Middle East is at a global average rate, (38% of the Middle East population are using internet). In the Middle East 2013, 97 Million internet users were recorded over the 255 million population.
Table 1

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