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E Poisoning Essay

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Substances such as arsenic, barium, and cadmium are very widely known to be highly poisonous and fatal if they should come in contact with the human body. However, they are now open for the public to use, ingest and inhale. Now they are being made available at the local garbage dump. Because of improper disposal of electronic devices people who are homeless in search of food can easily become poisoned when searching in garbage dumps. Animals such as birds and roaming cats and dogs can also get hurt. Because the dumping and recycling of e-waste leads to environmental pollution, health concerns and illness of men, women, and children who scavenge and/or work in e-waste dumping grounds; electronic waste recycling should be regulated and controlled by the United Nations, companies should make products that do not become obsolete so quickly, research should be funded to find better recycling methods, the export of waste to other countries should be taxed, and consumers should give their old electronic equipment to responsible recyclers.
This improper disposal can cause environmental pollution. Poisonous liquids leak into the soil and can cause unproductive dirt. If insects carry the material to farming grounds, the crops can become infected and die. If crops do not die, they can become poisonous to those consuming the plants. This could either cause a great extinction in crops or can be the root of a mass poisoning in humans. It can also cause important bugs such as worms to die off. Worms take in dead plants and eat small pebbles as they move throughout the soil. These small insects also release casts. Casts are a very rich form of waste that contains nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash. These are nutrients that are very important to the growing of plants. Worms also loosen the soil to allow air to pass through to the roots of the plant (Nature Works). If these bugs die, so will plants. These substances can also poison the air. If anything that can breathe inhales these substances, it can have a horrible effect on the body. It can kill humans and animals.
Many materials that these electronics are made of can also have other very harsh effects on humans if exposed. Cadmium, for example, is a highly toxic chemical. Humans are mainly exposed to small amounts through food. Those who smoke are exposed to very large amounts of it and get sick as a result. By means of the blood stream, cadmium is transported to the liver where it forms bonds with proteins. Then, after bonding, it goes to the kidneys and destroys the filtering mechanisms. This causes the body to get rid of proteins that are essential to life. Cadmium is a chemical that the body takes very long to expel. In the mean time, damage to the reproductive system, immune system, and the central nervous system could have already taken place (Water Treatment Solutions). Cadmium exposure can also cause weakened bones making the easier to fracture and break (Jarup 167-82). Lead is...

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