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Globalisation occurs on an economic, environmental, cultural, societal and military level. The aims of globalisation is to produce a state of world-wide connectivity. However, through this connectivity and pressures of conformity especially within the South there is a major loss of identity and culture. This is due to the fact that through globalisation there is an ever growing need to become like the west with regards to its liberalistic ideas and capitalistic economic structures. This essay argues that the process of globalisation is one with harmful effects on the majority of individuals due to the pressures of conformity and connectivity. Within this essay the effects of globalisation on South African society will be analysed with regards to whether or not these effects are benign or harmful. Additionally, this essay takes a closer look at the effects of globalisation with ...view middle of the document...

Janis van der Westhuizen mentions that the term Globalization can be separated into two conceptual ideas namely a descriptive concept and a prescriptive one (2006: 186). Within a descriptive context, globalization can be defined as the broadening and rapid movement of the processes involved with global connectivity which can be traced back in history to the time span from the 14th to 18th century, as it was evident in the imperial systems of China and Europe, increasing throughout the contemporary period as well as in the now modern era (Westhuizen, 2006:187). Throughout these various era’s and time periods, it is clear that global connectivity not only broadened but intensified as well which was evident in the from the trade routes created by the early explores which expanded technological innovation resulting in communications seen in the modern and contemporary era’s (van der Westhuizen, 2006:187). Hence resulting in the notion that the processes of globalization has formed a ‘global village’ or interconnected society (Heywood, 2013:142). Additionally, the term globalization cannot clearly be explained, and has relevance to all people irrespective of social standing. From a prescriptive conceptual ideal, van der Westhuizen stipulates that this concept is highly refuted by the political arena as states are continuously hassled to conform to the broad agreement amongst the most powerful financial institutions known as the “Washington Consensus” (2006:187). This agreement pressurizes governments from developing states to reduce the state’s role in their economy by liberalising their markets. However, due to the expansion caused by the liberalization of markets, the developing government’s sovereignty over their unique markets are receded resulting in an ever increasing gap between the rich and the poor (van der Westhuizen, 2006:187). With all of this said, the wide-spread concept of globalization includes not only economic globalization but also various facets such as military, environmental, cultural, societal as well as political globalization.

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