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E Retailing Essay

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The Online Retailing/e-Tailing
E-tailing is the market of selling retail goods on the internet. The abbreviated version of “electronic retailing” is basically part of business to business transactions
First of all, the structure of online retail market is divided into two categories they are vertical focused and multi category. Vertical focused mainly deals with specific goods like apparels, electronics and baby products, in the multi category it deals with all the categories of goods, the main aim of the online retailing is to grab the customers by offering large discounts on products.
Some Emerging business models in India:
E-malls or electronic market places they provides a platform ...view middle of the document...

The advantages of e-Tailer have to limited or no investment on warehousing and delivery of goods either managed by sellers or third party. Till just about a year ago almost all e-tailers worked with third party courier provider to deliver goods to consumer. Then the number of express courier companies in India grown rapidly over the last decade more than 4500 companies.
The retail sector of India need to go through the regulation of multiple tax system, seller collect Central Sales Tax (CST) charges by central government, when gods are shipped across the state and products are sold within the state, state government charges value added tax (VAT). Some online retailers are working forward to implement of goods and services tax (GST), because it could help in the future to control the same rates of GST on products across all the states.
Challenges in online retail market lack of touch and feel a metal for online shopping, growing competition with the entry of global marketers and low margins prompting e-commerce players to look a new business models.
Online classifieds
The online classified market in India growing day by day. Where in 2008 it was just 135.7%, in the year of 2009 it got slight increase to 159.9%, then following year 2010 went to 224.5% finally in 2011 it hiked to 292.6% . 29% increased from 2008 to 2011, the online classified segment is expected to overtake the offline classified sector
The major source of revenue for online classifieds segment are Recruitment, Matrimonial, Real estate, Auto mobile, B2B Subscription revenues in the online classified segment constitute the bulk of the revenues generated by these marketers while revenues from value-added services (VAS) and non contextual advertising form a minuscule portion. Companies in this space are also expected
To increase their revenue share from VAS.
Around 40% of internet users in India aged...

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