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E Textbook: A Better Way In K 12 Class Teaching

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E-Textbook: A Better Way in K-12 Class Teaching
From carving in bone and shells to the invention of paper, from printing on papers to publishing books on the Internet, the bases for writing have been changed for many centuries. Likewise, since the late 20th century, the teaching methods have also evolved from using only texts, images, and sound to multimedia. Nowadays, a new technology named electronic textbook (e-textbook), a digital form of textbook including color images, videos, and other functions, starts to play an important role in class teaching. In 2012, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Federal Communications Commission chief Julius Genachowski announce a plan to get all U.S. students, from kindergarten through the 12th grade (K-12), to switch from printed textbooks to digital ones by 2017. (Tomassini 1) This shows that the printed textbooks are going to turn into the digital ones in the near future. However, some experts, district leaders, and publishers might argue that this new technology is not well-developed yet because the effects of the e-textbook are not really confirmed, and the cost of the reading devices is huge. (Tomassini 1) From this perspective, this plan is like taking a risk on the students' future as well as the money from the tax payers. In sum, with the development of the new technology, whether the e-textbook will replace the printed one has become a controversial issue.
Although I concede that the price of the reading devices is still huge now, I still maintain that education should be considered as an investment. Some might object that the funds from the federal government, states and local contribution on education are so limited that the school districts should use them well. (Tomassini 1) I would reply that money should be never taken into account in the first place on an educational issue. In other words, the effects of teaching should be the most important factors in this argument. Since the e-textbook is able to create a more interactive and multimedia study platform for both the teachers and students, I believe that the e-textbook has better effects than the printed textbook, especially in K-12 class teaching.
One reason why the e-textbook is better than the printed textbook in class teaching is because it improves the student's learning motivation and interest. According to a survey of PBS LearningMedia in 2012, it shows that 81% of teachers in pre-K-12 feel that the tablets enrich classroom education. (Technology & Learning 12) In other words, most of the teachers believe that the tablet, a kind of e-textbook device, is playing an important role in class teaching, and it successfully creates an interactive classroom. This means that the teaching model will switch from the traditional teacher-directed into the student-centered by using the e-textbook. To sum up, this data successfully support my point that the e-textbook does benefit the student having a strong desire to learn more knowledge...

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