What To Do About All The E Waste

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A product made today will not last long deliberately. Most products are planned so that they die or fail after certain months, and most of them are unrepairable or almost the same price of the product to get it repaired. A new and better product will be out for us to buy. Due to these reasons we the consumers tend to buy more products. This is called as “Planned obsolescence”, what is planned obsolescence? Basically it is a business strategy in which a product is planned and manufactured in a way that it will create problems for the user. It is done because in future the consumer will feel a need to purchase new products from the manufacturer again. Most manufacturing companies use planned obsolescence in order to increase their profits and to make sure that the consumers are constantly buying their products only. For example; Apple, almost all their products are planned obsolescence. New Apple’s iPhone comes out every year, the new one will a little difference and a small performance boost. IPhone 5 came out on September 21, 2012, before that people had iPhone 4s. After the release of iPhone 5, they also released an upgrade to the OS to the iPhone older line, which caused problems. “The new operating system (iOS 7) being pushed out to existing users was making older models unbearably slow. Apple phone batteries, which have a finite number of charges in them to begin with, were drained by the new software.” [1] Not just apple, almost all electronic company does this. It is like products are developed with a time bomb chip installed in them, so that they will start slowing down when a new model comes out. In the old days the main objective of manufacturing companies was to produce the most reliable, high in quality and durable products, now the main objective is to make money and make consumers keep on buying their products. Most companies are under nonstop innovative pressure to perform a fast production of new product, while not trying to lose their customers. This has bad environmental effects; almost every year planned obsolescence produces huge amounts of e-waste. According to CBSNews, Over 100 million cell phones are thrown out annually. [2] This will results in massive environmental damage from lead, mercury and plastic, and also earth's resources are depleting with this continuous product productions.
Planned obsolescence does have bad effects, but to also has good effects on the economy. If we look at the problem in different perspectives we may better under this more. Let’s look at in two different perspective one which are against planned obsolescence; the environmentalists, and one who are with planned obsolescence; the government.
Perspective #1 the environmentalist, technology is moving very fast and also it’s enhancing our everyday lives. Less than a year there is a new model of a product out to the market and the old model being thrown away as it’s no longer able to keep up with our fast paced society. Where does this old e-waste...

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