“Each Character In King Lear Has Control Over Their Fate. The Fate Of Each Character Is Determined By The Events That Occur In Act One Of The Play” To What Extent Do You Agree With This?

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Chloe Stone"Each character in King Lear has control over their fate. The fate of each character is determined by the events that occur in act one of the play" - To what extent do you agree with this?Fate has proven to be a very important theme throughout many of Shakespeare's plays. In King Lear fate plays a particularly important role, as many critics would agree that the fate of each character is determined by events that occur in act one of the play. I do agree with this statement, although I also agree to an extent that the fate of some characters was inevitable. The characters in the play view their lives as caught in a pattern they have no power to change, just as the stars in their courses are fixed in the skies.Like in Romeo and Juliet the fate of some main characters can be seen as being dependent on their choice of actions. Just as Romeo and Juliet's decision to elope and fake their own deaths leads to their actual deaths, Cordelia and King Lear's actions lead to negative events that occur later on in the play and, eventually, lead to their own deaths too. At the start of the play Cordelia chooses not to go along with her father's request of declaring her undying love to him, and because of this Lear chooses to banish Cordelia and swears "by all the operation of the orbs from whom we exist and cease to be" that his decision "shall not be revoked". Some critics believe that Cordelia is very much like her father and this is why Lear took it so bad when Cordelia refuses to express her love. Like in Julius Caesar where Caesar says "For I am constant as the Northern star" Lear vows to be persistent and unwavering but dies regretting his decision at the hands of his daughters who claim to love him "more than word can wield" and are "alone felicitate" in his presence. This sets the play in motion and already sets their fate in a different direction.Cordelia ends up marrying the King of France and it seems as if her fate has taken a positive direction. King Lear decides to divide her portion of the kingdom between Goneril and Regan, who plot to get rid of their father, because he is "full of the changes of age..." The only one who seems to realize the gravity of Lear's predicament is his fool. When Lear stays with Goneril Lear's fool tells him he has "Made thy daughters thy mothers" and that now he has only "that [he] was born with". Goneril and Regan use their newly won powers to plot against their father. Lear quickly realizes this and his mistake to banish Cordelia, but having given away his thrown and therefore his power over them, Lear is as helpless as a child. Goneril begins to refer to Lear as being in his "dotage", that "old fools are babes again" Goneril and Regan's plotting...

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1766 words - 7 pages that his wife has died from grief over Romeo's exile, then learns himself of Romeo's death. Capulet and Montague make peace and swear to never fight again. They vow to build solid gold statues of Romeo and Juliet and place them side by side so all can remember their plight.The preceding was my analysis of the action of the play for Romeo & Juliet. I hope that this analysis has given you a better insight on what the play was about and summarized it so that you could see all the key elements of the play easier. Many things happen throughout this four/five day period in Romeo & Juliet, so I hope I have given you a good perspective on what the play is about.

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1223 words - 5 pages FateIn the play King Lear fate decides where each person will go, how they live and how they die. Each character in the play believes in god or a higher power that is responsible for the good and unfortunate events in their lives. Fate places situations on each of them and it is up to the characters to decide how they will play out the situation. Each character blames the gods for their ill fortunes and complicated lives. When one lives under

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1030 words - 4 pages has no part in it. In this play, it can be seen how Macbeth's willingness to commit evil sins and the fact that he commits them leads him to his undoing. Even though fate in the form witches and Lady Macbeth try to control Macbeth's destiny by manipulating him, it is Macbeth himself who allows them to take control of his mind which eventually leads to his downfall. The wrongful deeds committed by Macbeth combined with his lack of willpower to

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672 words - 3 pages and perhaps his expectation of being obeyed. One can clearly an arrogance and belief of superiority over others as he bids the Lords of France and Burgundy to "attend" him. As Lear declares "Know that we have divided / In three our kingdom," his use of the pronoun "we" instead of "I" also emphasises his royalty. The fact that Lear's opening speech is delivered in formal blank verse also implies Lear's character has supremacy over the common

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2022 words - 8 pages ' and that now he has only 'that [he] was born with'. Rather than being obedient, Lear's children use their newly-won powers to make of him 'an obedient father'. Lear quickly realizes this and his mistake. But having given away his power, Lear is as helpless as a child. Perhaps Regan says it best when she says'O sir, you are old,Nature in you stands on the very verge of his confine.' You should be ruled, and led.'Some people choose to live within

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1339 words - 5 pages their daily life. This indicates that identity is elusive and shifting, that there are no fixed desires and goals in life.The use of non-verbal techniques also plays out how dreams and aspirations are rampant in the play. Material objects are used to prove his worth and therefore to achieve his aspirations. For example, in Davies' regarding the spotted shirt and striped shirt, he states "No, what I need, is a kind of a shirt with stripes, a good

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1684 words - 7 pages than to her family,"My dearest cousin, and my dearer lord?" (Act 3 Sc2 Line 66)What if Romeo and Mercutio hadn't been in the street when Tybalt showed up? If these three characters had had different timing and not come in contact with each other, there would not have been a fight. Tybalt and Mercutio would not have died, and Romeo would not have been banished. Another work of fate in this act is that the Prince decides to banish Romeo rather than

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1974 words - 8 pages I agree to a large extent with this statement since the majority of emotional pressure on characters is caused by communication, and hardly any power is demonstrated by sheer physical strength and attributes in this play.The three characters that power fluctuates to and from within the play are George, Nick and Martha. Honey is the frail, weak and innocent character of the play since most of the time throughout she's drunk and throwing up in the

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756 words - 3 pages courage and change to stand up to him ‘he held out his hand. “Come with me, Maddie. We don’t have to stay here with this lot.” But he knew it was pointless “I’m not coming Nathan,”p176So in conclusion, we can evidently say that Carl is not the only one that changes in the novel. He has shown that he is not just a Matt he is Carl Matt, and he is just as good as anybody. Skip has learned not to judge or stereotype people by there last name and let them have a fair go, Maddie has changed and doesn’t let people walk all over her. Is Carl the only one that changes in the novel? I can very clearly and confidently say no.

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