A Day No Pigs Would Die By Robert Newton Peck Literary Analysis

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William Somerset Maugham stated that "when I read a book I seem to read it with my eyes only, but now and then I come across a passage, perhaps only a phrase, which has meaning for me, and it becomes part of me." This quote may be used to depict the feelings receive from the novel A Day No Pigs Would Die by Robert Newton Peck. This work of fiction may be verified as a short book, however, through the reading, comprehending and understanding of this book, one may find that this book "will leave you better than it found you," as it is proclaimed by the Book-of-the-Month Club News. The book incorporated meanings which is inevitably found in life, the phrases which are acted out by characters in the novel impacts the reader minds and has the ability to teach the readers ideas which revolved around the ideas of maturity, acceptance of life's changes and the importance of making one's own decision.The author imprinted the idea of maturity from a child to an adult which is an important stage in everybody's life, through the use of a character named Robert Peck in the novel, A Day No Pigs Would Die. Through the story, Robert was faced with many tough situations which strengthened him in personality and in character. Through all of the situations which Robert faced, he was finally able to assemble all the unpleasant occurrences and accept them, thus transformed him from a boy to a man. At the beginning of the novel, Robert was a regular twelve year old boy who did chores, went to school and lived under his parents' roof. When working in the fields with his father, Robert demonstrated how he still had much to learn through consistent questions for his father. Like a boy, Robert had "wound up running away from" (9) many of his problems. But after running away from many of his problems, Robert realized that he had to face his fears. He had triumphantly and heroically helped a Holstein cow bear one of its calf's. After this accomplishment, there were more trials which aided in the formation of Roberts maturation. One of the most impacting acts which Robert displays was when he decided that he would overcome his fear and that he'd be "feathered if I was going to run away from one darn more thing." (9) This act proved to the reader that one must overcome one's fears if there are plans to accomplish anything. As Theodore Roosevelt said, "there is nothing to fear, but to fear itself." Thus influencing the reader that everyone must overcome their fears no matter how tough the situation. In addition to this maturation, Robert has also learned to help around the house and start to understand the world in a different means with the death of his pig, Pinky and his father, Haven. When Haven Peck, Robert's father had butchered Robert's best friend, Pinky, Robert hated his father at that moment. After Pinky was butchered and lying on the floor lifeless, Robert cried because his "heart [was] broke," (129) in response to this, Haven had stated "so is mine, but I'm thankful...

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