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Everyday There Is A New Event That Effects Someplace In The World. In My Opinion, There Are Five Pressing Issues That Are Currently Facing The International Community.

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Everyday there is a new event that effects someplace in the world. Sometimes the event only effects the area where it takes place. Other times the event effects the surrounding area as well. Occasionally, the event effects the entire international community. In my opinion, there are five pressing issues that are currently facing the international community. These issues include the violence between Israel and Palestine, the war in Iraq, North Korea's nuclear threat, high gas prices and overpopulation.First, the violence between Israel and Palestine is an issue that is facing the international community. Almost everyday, bombings rock the nation, and many people die. According to the website History of Israel and Palestine, the end result of the 1948-49 Israeli War of Independence was the creation of the Jewish state in an area of the Middle East known as Palestine. Although the Arabs ended up with about 85 percent of the original Palestine, they were still not happy with the Jews. From that moment on the Arabs and Jews have been fighting for total control of the land. On September 11, 2003, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas resigned in frustration after not reaching peace with Israel. Abbas, according to the Washington Post online, "wanted to end the terror and cash in on the American promise of an independent Palestinian state." Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, a man who uses violence to take control of Palestine, appointed Ahmed Qurei, the speaker of the Palestinian legislature to take his place. This is "a serious, perhaps fatal blow", according to the Chicago Tribune, because Arafat will make it impossible for any prime minister to crack down on terrorists and suicide bombers. This effects the international community because many of the people killed in Israel are foreigners who are at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, very few people visit Israel because of all the violence which results in low tourism which effects the economy of both Israel and the host nation.Next, the war in Iraq is an issue that is facing the international community. According to the magazine The Week, there are about 140,000 American troops currently in Iraq. Since the war ended on May 1, 148 American solders have died, either from combat or noncombat related incidents. This issue effects the international community because President Bush is requesting help from other nations. According to the Congressional Budget Office, "an occupation force of the present size could not be maintained past 2004". Although many nations have agreed to send their troops to Iraq, others, including France, India, Germany and Turkey have declined the offer, angry at the United States for not getting support from the United Nations before attacking Iraq. If the United States does not get enough soldiers, it can either activate more Reserve and National Guard units or it can go back on its promise to...

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