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Each Tale Gives Us Privileged Access To The Innermost Thoughts Of An Individual, Who, Although We Only Hear His/Her Side Of The Story, Frequently Reveals More About Him/Herself Than Intended.

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This essay will answer the above question. The two monologues that will be discussed within this essay will be "A Chip in the Sugar" and "A Cream Cracker under the Settee". The first monologue that will be discussed is "A Chip in the Sugar". The narrator is Graham Whittaker who is a middle aged man. He is from Northern Britain and still lives at home with his mother, Mrs Whittaker. Graham tells the story through reported conversations. The use of pronouns demonstrates that reported conversations are being used, Bennett (1988) "She said, I like new experiences in eating."(p44). Graham may not be telling the whole story. An unreliable narrator is a way of drawing the reader into the monologue as it forces us to question the narrator's views and form our own judgements.Graham is an isolated and lonely individual. The way his bedroom is constructed helps to demonstrate this point. Graham's bedroom has one window, door, a single bed, wardrobe, two chairs and not much else; this shows how alone he really is. He does not tell us this.Mrs Whittaker and Graham are sometimes taken for and are like a married couple. Bennett (1988) says "who reckons to take us for husband and wife." (P42-43). He does not tell the audience this himself, it is what the other people in the monologue have suggested.It is portrayed that Mrs Whittaker needs Grahams help but really Graham is the one who needs her help he would be stuck without her, Bennett (1988) "I was still stuck at her bedside."(p44).He doesn't show it to her until she is about to go off to get married when he realises he is about to lose her. Bennett (1988) "don't go, don't leave me, Mam." (p51).He doesn't want anybody to know that he does need his mother; he wants people to think that it is his mother who needs him, Bennett (1988) "He's got the idea she's's one of the few things she isn't."(p46).Graham doesn't like change, he likes routine, Bennett (1988) "We like tea, only Mother says, No I feel like an adventure."(p44). It could be why Graham doesn't like his mother's relationship with Frank Turnbull. He is jealous of his mother's new relationship with Frank Turnbull, but he does not show this until he realises that his mother may leave him. He doesn't want to make it obvious that he wants to rid of Frank. Mrs Whittaker wants to break free but Graham doesn't know this, Bennett (1988) "we wondered whether you'd prefer to go back to the hostel."(p49).Graham substitutes pornographic magazines for relationships, Turner (1997) "He substitutes pornographic magazines for relationships with people."(p58). When something happens that he does not want to confront he goes to his bedroom to read, we later find out that it is pornographic material, Bennett (1988) "I know the kind of magazines you read."(p53). Graham has delusions of being watched, he retreats to bedroom when he feels distressed and goes to read, Bennett (1988) "Oh, he'll be happy reading."(p48).Bennett (1988) "I didn't say anything." is said...

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