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Curt SteeleEnglish 20003/26/13Earl Sweatshirt Featuring Flying Lotus: a Show of Attitude and IntimacyThe feeling in your stomach, the center of life, the sacred Om that holds your soul together. It pulsates down to your core and resonates throughout your consciousness, hypnotizing with the comfortable intensity of its grasp. The rave kids wait in the parking lot put on their neon jumpsuits and furry boots, discuss with their friends about nothing deeper than what designer drugs they want to eat next: their business was outside. This deep sound frequency was emitted from speakers manned by a hooded mastermind in a small ballroom at New Orleans's Buku Art and Music Project on March 8, 2013. Overlooking the Mississippi River, illuminated by the city lights of downtown New Orleans, a gathering of the most musically aware young adults bobbed left and right, absorbing the energy that kicked off the Buku experience. They were all awaiting 19 year old rap prodigy Earl Sweatshirt to take stage returning from his hiatus in 2012. Finally, the musician on stage revealed himself to the crowd. To everyone's surprise it was the inspirational and widely acclaimed electronic music producer Flying Lotus who was spinning Earl's music for the set. Obviously, in any true fans eyes, this show was a monumental event. The crowd immediately knew what to expect for the next hour: the beat mastery of Flying Lotus, the lyrical and musical genius of Earl Sweatshirt, the matchless concert that defined the integrity of the Buku Project.The ballroom was the best possible spot for Earl Sweatshirt's performance and set the atmosphere for the first important show of the Buku Project. Inside the ballroom stood the stage lit by only blue lights in an otherwise dark room. Unlike the other stages at Buku, the ballroom had a balcony wrapping around the dance floor and overlooking the stage. This gave the fans the opportunity to get closer to the performing artists as well as see him from all angles. This allowed for a more intimate gathering and a uniquely meaningful music experience.Flying Lotus took stage before Earl and started mixing popular songs to preheat the crowd. Once the crowd realized who it was, playing two hours before his timeslot, they could not control themselves. FlyLo, wearing black pants and a black hoodie with his Brainfeeder logo, stopped in between tracks and said, "I know who you are here to see right now. I will see you in a little bit!" The crowd screamed back in approval and waited for him to drop his next track. Flying Lotus at this moment looked at the crowd, smiled, and dropped "Yonkers" by Tyler the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt's partner and collaborator in their rap group Odd Future. With a steady head bob and immediate song recognition, the crowd started rapping every word. FlyLo knew that this would happen so he muted the song at certain points to let the crowd collaborate with him. Suddenly, the music ceased and the crowd went silent. The far off voice of...

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