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Earlier Driving Essay

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There are countless problems all around us, some large others just daily problems that won’t matter in two years like what to wear tomorrow. A bit of a bigger problem that has impacted more rather than a few is driving. Teens have to get rides to all sorts of places because they cannot drive themselves. This is a problem for those of kids who participate in extracurricular activities and also to those who like to be with friends and out and about. Some rely on their older siblings and others on parents but that is not a slight bit fun for the chauffer. “A driver’s license gives you a certain level of freedom, but it also gives you an enormous amount of responsibility.” (Campbell) This problem for teens has a main solution, for teens to be able to drive sooner, there is less teen accidents comparing to the last ten years, teens could prove themselves responsible if given the chance.
To lay a foundation for a productive solution, teens in more rural areas should have the opportunity to drive sooner than the legal age now. “For full driving privileges, an applicant must be at least 17 or be 16-1/2 and have completed an approved driver education course and held an intermediate license for six months.” (Bishop of Wyoming Department of Transportation) If one was able to apply for a license at an earlier age, the teen would not be pestering the elders to be a shuttle for them. That does happen to be a disadvantage some days, and this could be the solution. Obviously, there is things that can solve this minor problem that effects most teens.
To solve the problem, it is said that the numbers of teen crashes has decreased as five years have passed. Taking measurement like the ones show proof that teens aren’t completely reckless like they are claimed to be. Phillips, vice president at Erie Insurance said, “Our numbers show the average teen driving death rate from 2006-2011 is trending down.” Allowing teens to drive will benefit multiple people not just the teen himself, and with this data we can have a bit more hope that they will be better off on the road themselves.
Another reason to solve the problem is that the rate for teen drunk driving is significantly less than those of adults. Of course you could infer the reasoning being that teens under 21 aren’t legal for drinking, but to be honest we know that most teen at least try alcohol before they are of age. The NHTSA says that the rate of, “Total Alcohol-Impaired Driving Fatalities is 39” in the state of Wyoming....

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