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Earliest Signs Of Gang Activities Essay

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Gangs have been viewed as an issue in society by many people. The earliest signs of active gang activity were reported to be in the western civilization. Around the early 1600’s , more structured gangs began to appear.In 1783, U.S gang activity emerged. This not only affected adults, but many of the youth and communities surrounding these groups of people. Influence came from all over benefitting the advance of these structured alliances.

Gang origin has no specific set place. Regional focus helps pinpoint how cultural differences, and migration influenced these groups. Emergence of these said groups in the Northeast and Midwest U.S were fueled by immigration and poverty. The Irish, ...view middle of the document...

Briefly stated by (Moore; Hagedorn) females were seen as merely “sex objects” or “tomboys” if involved in any sort of gang activity. People often portrayed them in terms of their sexuality or having an association with helping a male gang member. Women groups are more likely to be found in cities rather than larger areas. Differing from place to place, the ethnicities of female gang members are predominantly African American in the midwest and Latina in the Southeast. Latinas are often studied and have been around since the 1930s (Moore; Hagedorn)

The reasoning behind joining a gang varies. Typically the reason is personal but has some ties to family, friendships, self affirmation or pressures and motivations to join. Females tend to show childhood abuse and family issues contributing to the reason for joining. Recruitment can begin an any age, youths ranging from 12 to 24 years of age.

The involvement of gangs in drug use and trafficking was unnoticed before the 1960s (Wilkinson and Fagon, 1996). The association of drugs and gangs nowadays seem to generalize them together as cause and effect, but this is untrue. By the 1970’s Drugs were still not a dominant form of gang activity (Howell and Decker). In the early stages of gang development, drug using members were usually kicked out for being unreliable typically in fights. Fights later evolved from small territorial disputes to actual law breaking crimes. During the same time as the drug emergence, more and more gangs began to appear causing the misunderstanding of their connections. There is no real information suggesting a direct cause to a link between the two. After the cocaine...

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