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Early Childhood Education Questions George Brown, Ece Assignment

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EARL 4- Assignment 2
1. Read Parts 3 and 4 in the text. Post a note to the Discussion Area. What professional association will/would you become a member of? Why? Give the name and website for it.
2. Answer the following questions.
A) Why is professional development so important and what are some concrete and practical ways in which an early childhood educator can be more professional? (refer to course notes and text) /10
It is important to keep a professional image in early childhood education because, firstly, everyone working around you will sense this, including colleagues, children and parents. With the early childhood educator being professional, the parents, colleagues and surprisingly even children will notice this and feel more comfortable with the child care giver. Knowledge of child development is a crucial start to this. Not only is it beneficial to the children and the parents but it is also beneficial to the child care facility you belong to and also to yourself as a child care giver. Early childhood educators should constantly improve their image to help improve the image of the field through professional practises, this will help this field of career move closer to being considered a profession, such as a teacher or a lawyer. Keeping up to date with the new and most recent information, sources and techniques is one way to keep professional development, you can do this by becoming a member of the professional organization. Making sure a professional setting is also an important factor to this. Some suggestions for maintaining and keeping development of professionalism are as follows; again, once you have become a member of the professional organization, be sure to attend the meetings and workshops that they hold. You can also subscribe to journals, blogs, newsletters and etc. Keep a look on job postings for this field and stay prepared with a up to date resume on hand at all times. You can also keep a file of articles, books, magazines and more that are most useful for you and this would also be a good file to share with colleagues and parents as well. Also be sure to maintain the curriculum, participate in extra research. Another important factor of this is making sure you own health, as the early childhood educator is stress free, find social support groups to get stress off your mind when needed. Don’t hesitate to welcome evaluation from parents or colleagues and most importantly to self-evaluate. Be sure to respect children, colleagues, families, supervisors, bosses and everyone in the community, considering early childhood educators are still role models in the community. Saying this, making sure as a child care giver you have good communication skills and also display a good amount of confidence in yourself and your abilities.
B) Some teachers appear to be biased in favour of one gender over another. What are your views on this, and discuss ways teachers can avoid gender bias. /5
Some teachers being biased towards one gender...

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