Early Childhood Education: The Early Years By Becky Glasson Lee

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Teachers and theorists have played a huge role through out history. There are those that have dedicated their lives to learning and investing in tools and strategies to help children succeed and grow with their development. There are those that have created schools, programs and set standards for teachers that are even used in todays school systems. This gives teachers the opportunity to adapt to any personality and give that child the best care and education they deserve. With that being said, there is a lot of weight that can be on a teachers shoulders but people may often overlook these very important people. The pay may not be the best in this particular field, but that is not the reason they do what they do. This specific group loves children and love what they do. The reward for them is seeing that child succeed no matter how young or small they may be. These amazing folks are sometimes even labeled heroes for the impact they can really do in a young persons life. They are changing peoples lives with the investment they make everyday. With teachers investing in children's lives in the beginning with programs like Head Start and Pre-Kindergarten, America will have and has seen brilliant and successful people.
After reading in depth about how important education is this semester, it seems that the more children who participate in high quality early education programs and are exposed to academics early in life, are more encouraged to be involved and to participate in activities that will help them grow into nurturing adults with successful careers in the future. Who would be behind this success? Teachers. When working with children at any age it is best for the student if the teacher really loves what they do. To some they may see the role of a teacher just as a babysitting service for their kids while the parents or guardians go to work. Those that are in the teacher position already may just look at this is as only a job and its all they can do to get a paycheck. The role of a teacher is much more than that.
When working with children in Head Start, Pre-K or Kindergarten the child will respond from the energy a teacher puts off right away. They usually are a lot smarter than you think. If a teacher comes to school every day with a bad attitude towards anyone or how they speak, children will pick up on it and in the end have a negative result. That best model teachers I feel need to start in these younger grades because I believe it is crucial for those children to be surrounded by educators that are the most loving and most hands on with them. The goal is for children to love school and want to learn more. That being said, to me a great model teacher needs to have fun, positive & excited attitude each day they walk in their classroom. Everyone is human and will have our up and down days, but the children will notice that and most likely cheer you up with all the love and concern they will have.
Another trait a model...

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