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A. 1. A significant passage we have gone over in class together is Acts 2: 42-47: Communal Living. In this passage the followers became a community and a church and they were spreading the wealth to help other like Jesus would so that none were marginalized and all were taken care of. The followers devoted themselves to the teachings of the apostles and communal life. Everyone would meet up and they would break bread with each other. 2. The author of the Acts of the Apostles is Luke the Evangelist. Luke saw the church and everything that was going on it as the work of the Holy Spirit and that he was enlivening the people to do the things they are doing and working through people such as Paul, John, and others of the Early Church. 3. I see the people actually live as church and the church is changing and becoming more of a community. I see the Holy Spirit in this because it is sort of the main cause of this development of the church be cause he made all of the events leading up to this happen. 4. In this passage I see community of disciples because that is exactly what it became it became a community of followers of Jesus and they had values and lifestyles that differed from the social norm of the times. Community of disciples is defined as a group that devote themselves as followers of Jesus thereby having values and lifestyles that may often be in contrast with society. 5. Having studied this passage, I now realize that the Holy Spirit brought all the people together and because of that they became accepting of each other. One way I see this passage related to church life today is that we all break bread with one another and have no second thought about it when we receive communion together we are not thinking about who that person is but we just break bread with them because they are also followers of Jesus and his teachings. Another passage that showed the development of the early church is Acts 3:1-10. 1. In this passage a crippled man is carried and put in front of the “Beautiful Gate” at this time John and Peter were going to the temple are for prayer. The crippled man is there to beg for alms from the people he asked Peter and John for alms when they passed by. Peter instead of giving him silver or gold was a servant and healed the crippled man allowing him to rise and walk. The man then went with John and Peter and joined them in prayer praising God the people who recognized this man were amazed with the miracle that had performed. 2. Luke is again the author and he uses the power of the Holy Spirit that was used by Peter to heal this man. 3. I see the Peter being a servant and the Holy Spirit is working through him to heal this man. The Holy Spirit is impacting the church with this because he is gaining the attention of others and possibly gaining new followers of the church. 4. The model of the church is see in passage is obviously servant because Peter is a servant of God and the Holy Spirit by healing this man. Servant is defined...

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