Early Civilisation Of The Chinese People In China

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Ancient Chinese CivilizationBy, Valerie HiewThe Ancient Chinese Civilization originated around 4000 B.C. from Neolithic farming communities along the great Yellow River in the North China Plain. Each season, the Yellow River would flood the coastal plain, forcing the farmers to built levees to hold back the flood waters. They also built canals to bring water to their fields. This was the beginning of technology in China. Because of the farmers' success, the population of the area grew. The hard work of these ancient China's farmers also allowed powerful kingdoms to develop throughout China. In 1700B.C, a kingdom called Shang dynasty grew along the Yellow River, thus marking China's completion of the transition from Neolithic culture to civilization.Social Structure- top of the social structure and rules over all the people- relation to the imperial family or people who gained status through military accomplishments- battling raiding tribes, conquering land and bringing people under Chinese rule- government servants, people highly educated- lower class people, produce food for society- people who trade goods and etc.The social structure in Ancient China is influenced greatly by military positions. That was why military technology at that time was far advanced, allowing the civilization to conquer more cities which were the centres of trades and government. It is also proved that Ancient China was a civilian government as The Great Wall of China, The Silk Road and Terracotta Warriors were resemblance of military purposes. The emperor was at the top of the social structure; he was the head of the Chinese army and was looked up upon as a ruler. Emperors were usually the heirs who were the first son or favourite son of the previous emperor. The emperor's position was vital to the nation because it kept the people safe and secure from raiders. The nobles were family members of the emperor or people who gained social status through military accomplishments like generals in the army. They were also rich and powerful land owners. Soldiers were next in the social status as it depended on them to drive out raiding armies and conquer more land for the empire. Without them, the empire would face the threat of getting conquered by foreigners. Officials were scholars who passed the Confucian exams that allowed them to become civil servants. They greatly influenced the difficult decisions made by the emperor. The peasants were the lower class in society but were quite important as they produced food for the community. The lowest class were the merchants. This was because they hardly contributed anything to society and all they did were trade goods.The Chinese had developed many interesting and unique cultural practices such as footbinding, acupuncture, ancestor worship, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and many others. It is believed that isolation produced the origin of China's culture. Foot...

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