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Early Entry Into The Nba Causes A Negative Impact On Professional Sports

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       Abstract:  Basketball players who enter the NBA early are not ready for the NBA. Early entry into the NBA by high school and college basketball players has had a negative affect on the college basketball program, the NBA, and the players themselves. Each year the number of early entries in the NBA rises more and more. In 1997, 47 basketball players entered the NBA draft early, and the number has risen since then. The college basketball program is drained of talent due to players leaving early. The high school players that go directly into the NBA are hurting the college program because they never contribute to the college program at all. The NBA now has to deal with a higher level of immaturity and disrespect by young players. College basketball players obtain a certain amount of respect and maturity in college. The players suffer by not grasping the concept of learning due to lack of education. Many analysts say that entering the NBA before finishing a four-year program is entering too early. The NBA commissioner, David Stern, has begun to work on ways to encourage players to go to and stay in college.

High school and college basketball players have started to enter the NBA earlier and earlier as the year's progress. In general, this is resulting in a negative effect to the college programs, the NBA, and the players themselves. Before 1994 there were usually only eight to ten early entries into the NBA. The number grew to 18 in 1995, and an astonishing 40 players in 1996, and 47 in 1997. The number of early entries in the NBA grows to the point where it is a problem that needs to be dealt with by the NBA players association. College basketball is in serious trouble. Of course, any sport would be when it's marquee stars leave college to play for another team. Young men, for whom the high school prom was just yesterday, or actually tomorrow, are making themselves available for the NBA. Judging by this, the NBA has no standard whatsoever for entry. One only has to be 18 years of age and breathing and somebody can scout you. A player staying four years in college is about as unique as Moses Malone was 22 years ago when he entered the American Basketball Association, also known as the ABA, straight out of high school. High school and college basketball players entering the NBA early are effecting the college programs, the NBA, and themselves in negative ways.

            The college basketball program suffers from players leaving early to play in the NBA. College coaches are used to recruiting players, but now they have to concentrate on keeping the players. Many players are leaving college early and now there are few seniors on the teams. "There are no great upperclassmen anymore," said Purdue coach Gene Keady (Curtis). Coaches have begun to develop schemes not just on how to attract star players but also how to keep them. Former Kentucky coach, Rick Pitino, is in favor of making freshmen ineligible for varsity competition. Making...

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