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It is commonly known that everyone should spend at least one hour a day getting some sort of exercise. Being physically in shape can overall reduce health risks and expand one’s own life span in a positive way. As being a college student who works out daily, I completely agree with this statement because exercising has brought upon me adequate amount of health benefits as well as bestow positive mentality. It has been also reported that many elderly adults has been told by doctors to exercise as often as possible, for it helps reduce problems such as heart diseases, cholesterol and even cancer. Many younger adults also participate in exercising daily to achieve the toned or muscular body ...view middle of the document...

You burn less fuel at rest, and more energy when you are active. The more active you are during the day, the higher your metabolism.” (http://www.livestrong.com/article/287708-does-working-out-in-the-morning-speed-up-metabolism/) Exercising is key to boosting one’s metabolism which later contributes to the burning of fat that can be beneficial to those who are seeking to tone their body. Having a jump-start on simulating metabolism activity can help someone get through the day knowing that their food will be digested quicker allowing for less concern on their body storing the food as fat rather than energy. “One advantage to working out in the morning is that it puts your fitness program on the front burner, and beginning your day with a focus on fitness may help you make better food and activity choices throughout the day.” (http://www.livestrong.com/article/287708-does-working-out-in-the-morning-speed-up-metabolism/) This is crucial for people on diets, because it allows for them to help burn fat for quicker as well as having a healthy eating mindset to start the day.
Many people would argue that working out early has lead them to feel dizzy or possibly dehydrated than working out later in the day, leading to a less intensive work out. However, it is a crucial part to consume an adequate breakfast prior to exercising in the morning. By eating the appropriate nutrients required for body activity, it provides the right amount of energy needed to sustain the work out and it also helps intensify your work out allowing for an even faster metabolism rate. “If the body finds itself without adequate nutrients, it is likely to go into ketosis - a process where metabolism slows down to preserve resources.” (http://www.targetwoman.com/articles/morning-exercise-and-metabolism.html) Nevertheless, early morning exercises help stimulate metabolism early with an appropriate breakfast and it can help burn calories throughout the whole day.
Nothing can beat the blood pump pulsing through one’s body after a good workout except the fact of how good one feels after exercising. Exercising early in the morning can help people who constantly feel fatigue throughout the day by the increase in energy gained through exercising. “More than 90% of the studies showed the same thing: Sedentary people who completed a regular exercise program reported improved fatigue compared to groups that did not exercise” (http://www.webmd.com/diet/news/20061103/exercise-fights-fatigue-boosts-energy) These result proved that regular morning exercise programs boost the level of energy and alertness of one throughout the day. I know many people that are consistently tired throughout the day, including a few people in English class. However, consistent early exercises can even boost the attention span of a person allowing one to be more attentive in class or at a job. “The average effect was greater than the improvement from using stimulant medications, including ones used for attention...

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