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Early Identification, Specification And Measurement Of Software Requirements Derived From Human Factors Requirements

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factors requirements are typically described initially as non functional requirements at the system level, and system engineers must subsequently apportion these system requirements very carefully as either software or hardware requirements to conform to the Human factors requirements of the system. Within the ECSS standards, a number of views and concepts are provided to describe various types of candidate Human factors requirements at the system, software, and hardware levels.
This paper has introduced a standards-based framework for specifying and measuring software requirements for the functions needed to address the system’s Human factors requirements.
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• A measurement model for each type, or all types, of Human factors requirements.
The generic model of system Human factors requirements proposed in this paper can provide system engineers with:
• An integrated reference view of system Human factors requirements that they can use to select the Human factors requirements necessary for a specific system to be developed (hardware-software-manual).

• A methodology to specify these Human factors NFR: with this reference model, beginners would not require years of training before being able to specify these at the levels of detail illustrated in the work reported in this paper.
• An integrated model to be used as an input to make decisions on which of these detailed Human factors NFR will be allocated to hardware, or software, or combinations of these for a specific context.
For software engineers, the proposed generic model of system Human factors requirements can also provide them with:
• A reference model that they can use to verify whether or not the system engineers have provided them with the right selection of system NFR-derived FUR, and at the necessary level of detail.
This means that this standard-based reference...

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