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Early Jamestown: Why Did So Many Colonists Die?

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Have you ever heard of “Early Jamestown?” The year was 1607, roughly, 110 English men arrived on the coast of Virginia, to search for gold, which the Spaniards also had begun a search for and found an abundance of gold. It is the first permanent English colony in what is now the United States. ‘Early’ Jamestown entails the first five years of settlement in the Americas. The question is ‘Why did so many colonist die?’ Colonist died in early Jamestown because of three problems. These problems were the environmental issues, the relationships with the Native Americans, and the lack of skills the colonist brought with them to Jamestown.
The first reason Jamestown colonist died is because of the ...view middle of the document...

E). Throughout 1608, the Indians did not kill any colonist; during this time, Pocahontas was helping Captain John Smith make a connection with her father, the Powhatan tribe leader (Jamestown Video). From 1609-1610 the Indians killed close to 180 colonist (Doc. E). What might have started this massacre was a couple of colonist that decides to kill two Indians to have a feast with, because they were so hungry. Another scenario that could have taken place was that the Indians felt threatened by all the colonist that kept coming in with more weapons and colonist, so they just decided to beck their relationship with each other. This evidence helps explain why so many colonist died because, they were new to the area, and did not know much about or the Indians so the Indians took the colonist by surprise.
The third reason Jamestown colonist died was the lack of skills that the colonist had to offer to their community. One hundred-ten settlers were the first to claim Jamestown as the Englishmen’s land. Out of that 110 people, 47 of those people were gentlemen, (Gentlemen are people who do not get their hands dirty), and 29...

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