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Early Literacy Checklist Essay

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Reading is one of the most essential abilities a parent must teach his child. It is among the biggest milestones he can attain in his education. Reading gives a child the capacity to discover more about his surroundings through words in print.

Parents are often wondering when it is the best time to teach their children how to read. Most of the kids will have a satisfactory reading ability when they turn 6, 7 and beyond. However, training him during his younger years would go along way.

For one who is wondering how to start their kids how to read, they maybe unconscious about it, but they are already doing so. Whenever parents talk to their children, read books or recite a nursery rhyme, they are sparking up an interest in the child to read. One key to becoming a reader is being exposed in the language in various ways. Songs, poetry, books, these are all materials available for parents to teach their children the skill of reading.

Reading is a skill which can only be learned gradually. There are instances where some kids learn it quicker than the others. This is because of the frequency of the reading activities done with them. While most of the kids start to read by themselves by the time they reach 3rd grade, there are many children who acquire the basic reading abilities when they are 4 or even younger. It is actually the parents’ duty to guide their children into a regular reading habit, which could help the kids into acquiring the ability as they grow up.

Learning to read actually starts from the bonding time in between the parent and the children. At this point, parents are the main molders of the children’s interest to read. Whether their child will have an interest in it or not, is the parent’s liability. Here is a checklist for parents to verify if they are doing their best in teaching their children how to read:

1. Are you motivated to teach them how to read?

This particular parent-to-child activity relies on parental motivation. Why? Because the success of this interest relies solely on the parent, and his motivation to do it. If the parent comes home, tired and cross, he would not have the enough patience or energy to read storybooks or play with his kid. This is also true when he is busy with other things—such as watching dramas or house chores. If the parent has no drive in stimulating his child how to read, the kid will also feel less enthused in learning it.

Parents should also set goals. They should have an idea of what the outcome of this activity could be. If they set their goal for their child to learn basics by the age of five, then they will be eager to pursue all means to make this happen. This will give them motivation to do this activity as regularly as possible.

2. Are you creative when it comes to strategies?

Reading does not only go by books. One can read everywhere—through road directions, signboards, and even in the television. This will inspire the child to look around his...

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