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Early Marriage Essay

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This is about the problem of early marriage in Nigeria. It talks about specifically the reason behind its continuance, its harmful effects, shows how it creates an obstacle to education and human rights and how it hinders the advancement of countries. The Unicef Innocenti Digest proposes that early marriage is an outcome of many aspects like, poverty, controlling female sexual behavior, family pressure, socio-cultural and religious beliefs. It is a violation of girl’s human rights as it takes away their freedom of choice, and opportunities for growth. According to UNICEF, early marriage is the marriage of children under 18 years old and is seen as a current issue in Nigeria.
The Unicef Innocenti Digest concentrates on early marriage from a human rights standpoint. It looks at early marriage, its causes and how it impacts the lives of the girls involved. The digest gives an outline of plans for prevention that can be used to help the girls involved in early marriages by advocacy, alliance-building, and education. A recent study by UNICEF in six West African countries showed that 44 percent of 20-24 year old women in Niger were married under the age of 15. (UNICEF) Females in the North West and North East are marrying on average more than 5 years earlier than those in the southern states where women are better educated. Overall, 23% of women age 15–19 are already mothers or are pregnant with their first child (NDHS).
Marriage is a way that people select their life partners and is found in all cultures. There are two different kinds of marriages in Nigeria: monogamy and polygyny. In Nigeria marriage is generally an agreement amongst two families instead of between two adults. The man usually pays money for the bride, known as a bride price, and is therefore known as the head of the household. Most of the time girls are being married at early ages by their parents because of their families’ financial problems. These girls are made let go of their childhood and take up the roles of a wife and mother to a much older man and are to right away expected enter into a that consists of all the household responsibilities usually...

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