Early Prevention Is Key In Reducing Bullying At An Earlier Age

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Early Prevention is Key in Reducing Bullying at an Earlier Age

Starting at very young ages there are bullies. They develop early and often never grow out of that stage, but rather it just increases with time and age so the crimes become more serious. This is why it is necessary to target children with their unkind or violent tendencies before it gets out of control. Children usually turn into bullies for reasons such as craving attention, wanting power, low self-esteem, inability to control anger, revenge, or even to be popular. Popularity comes to bullies in grade school because students who like and are liked by the bully will most likely not be bothered, so it becomes a safety issue. With this last point especially, it just encourages the bullying to continue.

Victims of bullies usually have something unique about them that may seem like a reason to be ridiculed. This includes things as simple as having braces or glasses, being very shy, or even for being what students may consider to be 'too smart.' Not only are bullies the ones who grow up to cause problems, but the victims do as well. If a child is constantly picked on and made fun of, their self-esteem could plummet. This could cause them to turn into a bully just so as not to be bullied anymore, or they could be driven to innumerable actions that could very well affect schools. There was a case of an extremely intelligent boy named Nathan who was also overweight. He thought that once he entered middle school the kids would have grown up and he would meet new and nicer people. It turned out that it only got worse in middle school and he was pushed beyond his limit. He took a gun to school one day and shot himself in front of the other students (Fried & Fried, 2006).

The case of Nathan is only one example of teasing going too far, but it is an issue that should never be anywhere near that trying. In order to target the problems starting at this tender age there is need for adult intervention. It is first and foremost the part of the parents to raise their children in a loving, nurturing environment. It is the parents? job to assure their child that it is not his fault for being picked on, and that there is nothing wrong with him, but that it is a problem for the bully. In order to stop this parents should teach their child to first ignore what the bully is saying and he might give up. If not then parents can help their kids figure out the best way to verbally confront the bully. In some instances children have used humor when facing a bully, and it has actually worked. One child got the bully to laugh so much that they actually became friends (Fried & Fried, 2006). Parents could actually confront the bully themselves, or the bully?s parents, both of which may lead to a more dangerous situation. This is not advised unless completely necessary, or unless the parents know each other well. Of course above all, being a role model to children will...

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