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Early Stages Detection Of Asthma In Children

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A bout of breathing difficulty in people gasping to breathe is a painful sight among asthmatics. Statistics say more than 25million people in this world including 6.5 million children are suffering from this problematic condition which can be life threatening at times. The figure is constantly on rise and children are the most vulnerable individuals to diagnose with this medical condition.
Asthma is an allergic condition of the upper respiratory tract consisting of lungs and connecting airways. When the muscles of that air passage and lungs, swells due to the action of some triggering factor, it hampers the normal breathing pattern resulting into breathing difficulty, tightening of chest muscles with allergic cough and whizzing. The pain of the undergoing medical condition is so severe at times that it hampers the day to day life of the concerned individual. Most cases of asthma starts early in life, children as small as 2-3 years can show the symptoms of this discomfort.
As asthma is incurable in nature, parents should learn about various facets of this disorder thoroughly so they can evade severity of the condition in children. Most of the time it is seen that young children show inability to express their breathing related difficulty and as asthmatic symptoms are somehow similar to that of cold, cough and Influenza so parents may not be able to understand it properly. Thus it is very important for parents to understand and make timely detection of asthma in order to manage it successfully. A full proof management and controlling method goes a long way to ensure a trouble free lifestyle for young asthmatics.
What could be the possible reason?
There are a number of reasons why asthma in children starts. The main culprit is inheritance. If either of the parent is asthmatic then the chance of developing asthma in that child increases by many fold .In that case parents should not ignore common asthmatic symptoms such as recurring cold and cough, difficulty in breathing, wheezing sound from the chest etc at the earliest. Along with that if the condition get worsen during night or any particular season then they should consult physician.
Another underlying cause of asthma in children is environmental pollution. The pollutants such as fumes, smoke, poisonous chemical emissions irritate the air passage to such an extent that it leads to swollen air sacs with lots of mucus sticking around it which decreases the efficiency of lungs to carry out breathing normally. In case of children the airways are narrow so they get constricted easily developing symptoms of asthma.
Sometimes prolonged respiratory tract infection caused by bacteria or viral sources can trigger asthma in children. Along with that allergens such as certain types of food, mites, pet dander, molds and pollen leads to irritation of air passage, is another leading cause of asthma in children. These allergens lead to production of histamine, a type of immunoglobulin antibody...

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