Early Theories On Communism, Capitalism, And The Economy

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Sociologist Karl Marx (who worked mostly with macro theories) was always credited with the creation of communism, but the fact is that it was being practiced in many countries such as the Soviet Union with little influence from him. He did have promoting theories about the concept, but none of which were used the way in which he predicted they would be. All the while, many seem to ignore the work and studies he did on capitalism as well. A very important theory he devised on capitalism is one that has been built on by many while others have built theories in opposition. This theory is defining capitalism as a system of economy that is supported by capitalist owning the necessities for the ...view middle of the document...

Why is it that nothing is being done? Is it the false consciousness that gives the members of the lower classes feel that this is the way things should be, that this is what’s best and that their role in our society is perfectly fine that way it is?
Fortunately, some people are beginning to understand these concepts and are trying to achieve a higher state of living for themselves. Recently, workers from fast food companies began to protest for higher wages of nearly twice what they are currently earning. This shouldn’t be a problem due to the fact that fast food executives are among the highest paid people in the country. So while these executives are sitting on their large stacks of money, these workers are being paid unlivable wages. According to Forbes magazine, this movement is going to spread to other industries and will continue to until the government raises minimum wages, but that with the current state of the government that it’s very unlikely.
If the writers or Forbes are right, there is a possibility of America building a class consciousness causing the proletarians to finally grasp these concepts of capitalism and know where they stand and where they stand in comparison to the capitalists. Once this happens, a revolution will finally ignite according to Marx’s theory.
Max Weber, another sociologist, had theories of his own on communism...

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