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Earth Abides Essay

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Earth Abides by George R. Stewart is a novel set in the California Bay Area. It is during the mid 1900's, but its main location is on San Lupo Drive. The main characters in Stewart's novel are Isherwood Williams and The Tribe. Isherwood is mainly known as Ish, he is a strong, intelligent man. Ish is also seen as the leader of the Tribe. The Tribe is made up of, Em, Ish's wife, George, Molly, Maurine, Jean, Ezra, and the children. The Tribe all lives on San Lupo Drive in California and take care of one another. Everyone in the Tribe respects and looks up to Ish. They all believe he holds the answers to everything and often come to him for advice on things. Ish does seem as if he would make a good friend. He is someone that one could definitely count on in a time of crisis. One specific scene in Earth Abides describes how Ish and Em come up with how they are going to keep track of the years, as they go by. Ish and Em are talking of how the New Year is near and Ish suggests that they need a system of knowing the years as they pass. Em suggests that they start all over with year one. She thinks that they should start anew and leave the past behind them, since they cannot go back now. When the New Year comes Ish, Em, and their new baby all go up to a boulder. Ish takes his hammer and chisels the number one into the rock. Ish states that it is now year one. The novel, Earth Abides, begins with Ish in a cabin alone up in the mountains. While there he starts thinking how he has not seen any fisherman or heard any cars pass by in days. Ish becomes curious as to why this is and decides to venture down the mountain, in his car, to the Johnson's. The Johnson's own a gas station with a small market in it. When Ish gets to the Johnson's place of business, no one is there. While he is there he pumps some gas and picks up a paper. He notices the headline "Crisis Acute" after reading the article Ish learns that the United States along with other parts of the world, have been hit with a very deadly disease. Ish gets back into his car and starts driving around town, he does not find anyone. After discovering that so far he is alone, Ish decides to go on an expedition of sorts. He drives cross-country looking for people to see who may be alive and where. Along his journey he does find some people. The people he finds seem very unwelcoming and Ish does not stay long with them. Instead he turns back around and goes back to California. Ish comes back home to San Lupo Drive. Luckily enough Ish has electricity and water,...

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