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*_"Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable." – Wizard of Oz_*

“Your highness! Your highness? Where are you? Princess Nadia???” A servant ran through the tan marbled floors, rushing past royal purple colored doors. “Princess?!” His shoes clicked against the floor. He then slid across the floor as a result of attempting to stop short while passing an open door; the door to the library. “Of course!” He laughed at his own stupidity to not look there first before he walked inside. “Princess? Are you in here?” He called.

“Yes, I am here. What do you need?” Pale green eyes shimmered from the towering bookshelves in the back.

He crossed his arms behind his back and made ...view middle of the document...

She watched as they passed by the paintings she had grown up with, counting her steps absentmindedly. “Where was my father?”

“Oh! I apologize. I meant to tell you that. Right this way, your highness,” Isaac’s smile matched his eyes as his sped up his pace to open a door up ahead. “In here!” He grabbed the silver handle and pulled on it, opening the door.

Nadia followed him at her own, unhurried, pace. When she reached the door, she bowed her head to him then curtsied. “Thank you, Isaac. Many thanks.”


Nadia entered the room, glancing over her shoulder as Isaac closed the door behind her. When she moved her gaze away from the door again, she instantly recognized the room as the throne room. It was a room she was in quite often, in saying she was soon to become the future ruler of this land.

The throne room, to Nadia, was the loveliest of them all.

The floor was made of white marble, as were the walls. Towering windows surrounded the throne room, or otherwise known as the ballroom, making it seem like it was the top of the castle. Silver cloth curtains hung in front of the windows, pianos in front of them. The room, at the moment, was rather dimly lighted.

Nadia sighed, “Father, why do you not let in any light? It is beautiful outside!” She exclaimed as she walked towards one of the windows, shoes clicking against the floor.

As she neared the windows, her hand reached towards the curtain. Once it was in her grip, she pulled back on it.

Light poured into the room as the window was barely uncovered.

Nadia mentally grinned before pulling back both sides of the curtains, spinning once into the middle of the room as the light streamed into the room, all corners exploding in light. “That is much better!”

There was a sigh from one of the corners, where members of the royal family had their painted portraits hanging. “Not for long,” an older man emerged, holding a weak and frail smile. His hair was dark brown with few wisps of grey. The grey was not from age, but from stress. His eyes shined blue and his skin seemed perfect, disregarding the bags underneath his eyes and his smile lines. He wore an attire of green and silver, much like Nadia’s. The only difference was that his clothing was much more formal and was made of a thick materiel, one that wound not tear during a battle. “Though, I do enjoy seeing you happy.”

Nadia’s eyes gleamed at him, though she did not smile. She had long since let her skirts loosely hang down by now and had no intention on picking them back up. “Father? You seem down. Oh, never mind. What did you have to tell me? Isaac said it was urgent,” She brought the conversation back to its tie to the reason why she had been called.

His eyes moved downwards, studying his reflection in the floor. “You, better than all people, know how badly Shen Sheyel needs a hero, correct?”

“But of course, father. You said yourself that if I am to ever rule and do so well, that I must be involved in Shen...

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