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Analysis Of Earth From Space: Artificial Satellites

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Earth From Space

As beautiful as earth is from ground it actually has more stunning vistas from international space station. They are around 120 artificial satellites in space starting from 100 to 25,000 miles from ground. There are many different types of Artificial Satellites, each having a distinct job. Some Artificial Satellites help to predict the weather, while others gather information about our universe for NASA and other organizations. Satellites can see things beyond human vision; they transform the invisible things to naked eye to visible vision. These transformed visible images will show how the sunlight, moisture, land and atmosphere react to make life on earth. These insights help scientists to relate between planet and life. So, What exactly make life? What are the essential ingredients, which made life possible on this planet? Why does sand storms at Sahara dessert affect amazon rain forest 5000 miles away? The video” Earth from Space” helps public understand the affects of forces on this planet.
Starting with Sun, located at 93 million miles away earth warms the every inch on earth. Everything on earth is lived because of earth. One of the newer satellites by NASA called Suomi National Polar-orbiting launched in 2011. It orbits 500 miles from ground. It enables us to see more substances. For instance, the whole spectrum is as long as the distance from New York to Los Angeles. The visible region to human eye would be around the size of a dime. The series sensor on the Suomi NPP detects the infrared and Ultra Violet waves on the spectrum. The series data shows the entire planet in the form of heat to the accuracy of half a degree. At the poles the sunlight strikes at very oblique angle. This makes a little light at the poles but, the ice at poles reflects back the sun rays, which makes it stay cold. At the equator it lacks these both features and makes it very hot. The best spot to give an insight on the star’s affect is Cape Verde located at West Africa. This huge inflow of heat energy makes the sea evaporate creating water vapor. This water vapor forms clouds, as the temperature increase more water is evaporated which means higher clouds. To observe all these changes NASA installed a satellite called Aqua it orbits poles. One of its jobs is so observe the reaction between sunlight and water. The satellite looks at Cape Verde by infrared, which enable to measure the amount of water evaporating. Water vapor is much lighter than air so it rises very quickly from sea. It carries heat along with it. This raises the clouds as high enough to spin due to the earth’s rotation. As, air-cools down above the clouds, it transforms vapor back into liquid form. The result of this process is storm which helps in cooling down the air.
August 2005, Aqua noticed category 3 hurricane that started in Bahamas called Hurricane Katrina. One of the NASA satellites called TRMM emits microwaves onto the raindrops, which enables scientists to create...

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