Earth´S Biodiversity And Species Protection Essay

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Mother Earth and all living things such as plants, fishes, birds and animals are created so man may have dominion over it to sustain life. The earth’s biodiversity is necessary and it serves useful purpose as part of the natural capital that helps to keep us humans alive and supports our economies. We have an ethical role as dominion care takers of Mother Earth and all livings things to be responsible, to protect and care for all life and not to try and contradict the value of one species in favor of the other. All species play an intricate part in the earth’s natural capital therefore it is important that we need to take precautionary action to protect species from extinction that results from human activities, to avoid causing the extinction of wild species, and to limit the harmful impacts of nonnative species.
The variety of earth’s species is estimated in the range from 8 million to 100 million and according to biologists almost 2 million species have been identified and up to half of the world’s plant and animal species live in tropical forests, another important part is the genetic diversity where the genes they contain in a population or in a species enables life on the earth to survive and adapt to environmental changes, another major element is the ecosystem diversity in which they live in such as deserts, grassland, forests, mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers, and wetlands where each of these “ecosystems is a storehouse of genetics and species diversity”, and another important component of earth’s biodiversity is functional diversity where “the variety of processes such as energy flow and nutrients cycling that occurs within ecosystem as species interact with one another in food chains and webs” sustain all life in the biodiversity and plays a crucial part of the resources and services produced by the earth’s natural processes in which it supports all economies and all life. (Miller & Spoolman, 2013, p. 62)
Protecting species from extinction that results from human activities is a moral responsibility that we should have on our conscience at all times, and more importantly, all species have a major components of the earth’s life-support system. We know little about the nature and the study of the relationship between living organisms and their environment of the species that have been identified which up to half of the world’s plant and species occupy the tropical forests. However, scientific evidence from 2005 Millennium Ecosystem Assessment shows that some human activities are causing extinction of species at 100 to 1,000 times faster than they were before modern humans evolved. (Miller & Spoolman, 2013, p. 153) The accelerated speed is the result of human populations spreading “over most of the earth’s land, consuming huge quantities of resources and creating large and growing ecological footprints.” (Miller & Spoolman, 2013, p. 152) According to biodiversity researchers, Edward O. Wilson and Stuart Pimm, they project that...

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