Earthquake And Its Primary, Secondary And Tertiary Effects Geography Essay

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Over the past 20 years, natural disasters have caused over 600,000 deaths. There are many different types of natural disasters, each with their own distinct differences. The most dangerous catastrophe is an earthquake. They have the power to destroy entire cities and cause millions of dollars worth of damage. If that’s not bad enough, a single earthquake has the potential to cause countless other natural disasters to also occur, increasing its destructive power. Focusing on its primary, secondary, and tertiary affects can prove this statement.

Primary :
Shock waves damage and destroy buildings,
debris can kill or leave people wounded
people can get caught under debris
The meaning behind a ‘Primary affect” is the events occurring during the actual earthquake itself. Some examples of primary affects is when an earthquake shakes the ground, buildings are not build to withstand the rapid shifting of the ground and it ends up collapsing on itself. This in turn endangers everyone within and around the buildings. Anyone who survived the initial shockwave would still have to worry about being caught under any debris that had fallen, including broken power lines that could shock you depending on how close you are to it. Gas lines and water lines could also burst, due to fissures and cracks in the roads. This would also lead to major congestion in cities and in turn make it very difficult to evacuate. Landslides are also a danger, depending on the location where the earthquake has occurred. Populated areas near a hill or mountain poses as a threat to landslides being how they’re unpredictable and deadly.

Fires caused by sparks from overhead cables
Burst pipes, leavug people without water

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