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East Or West Essay

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Florida is a place for fun and time with family. There are endless activities to do, whether it’s being a beach bum for the day or going to Disney World with the family. When deciding where to live, one choses by what makes them happiest and is more convenient for their schedule. California and Florida are both places with beaches galore and Disney parks, but what it all comes down to is which state is a more desirable place to live?
A state’s climate can play a huge role in whether or not someone wants to live there or not. The climate in Florida is humid-subtropical. (All U.S. Cities,, copyright 2010) Snow is extremely rare even during the winter. Florida is where people go escape the cold weather from other states. Those who go to states with warm climates for the winter are known as snowbirds. Florida has a large community of snowbirds. California on the other hand has multiple climates, which attracts many people from all over to go explore the state. The more people that come looking for adventure, the more people there are to travel the busy streets that are already busy with city regulars. Florida has a more consistent climate and has a better community of people enjoying it.
One element of these states is their population. Florida has a population of nineteen million as compared to California, whose population is an overwhelming thirty-eight million people. (U.S. Census Bureau, Would you rather live in a place filled with people that are nothing like you? Or a place with people that have the same interests and have similar lifestyles. It isn’t a well-kept secret that Hollywood and movie stars aren’t exactly known for being real and truthful. Who wants to surround themselves with fake people and personalities? Since Florida is less diverse than California, it’s easier to know who one is spending time with or living near. The most common races found in Florida are African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians, even though any races can be found there. (Trend Magazine,, copyright 2013.) California is home to many more ethnicities and, therefore, makes it more difficult to relate to the surrounding people. Florida has a smaller more relatable population than California does with different people everywhere trying to do their own thing.
Nobody can move to a different location without knowing what jobs are in demand. Florida is in demand for jobs such as layout workers, biomedical and biochemical engineers, carpenters, geographers and vet techs. (Educational Portal,, Copyright 2003-2013) Having the ocean on both sides of the state is very convenient for biological jobs concerning the ocean. California offers a lot of jobs that have to do with the ski resorts and recreational patrols. ( Sure there is the ever-so-common demand for jobs like teaching and construction, but that is quite common among states. Then there are...

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