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Eastern and Western literature dates far back in time. Many of the key characteristics of both styles of writing are what make them what they are today.
Eastern literature was represented by many of the pieces we read during class, one of the most prominent ones being The Red Lotus of Chastity. This piece originated during the eleventh century in India. Many key characteristics can be found in this piece identifying it as eastern literature such as the use of Hinduism throughout the piece. The religion of Hinduism originates in the eastern area and is currently practiced there. This religion is supported and used in The Red Lotus of Chastity as seen in the quote “Thereupon he went to a temple and took a vow of fasting. “Let God in this temple show me a way out,” he thought. Devasmita came along, and she took the same vow. God Siva appeared to both of them in a dream.” (Pg. 947) Siva is a Hindu deity and is considered as one of the three most influential denominations in Hinduism. The mention of this deity in this piece forms a strong connection between it and the eastern community. Another characteristic that The Red Lotus of Chastity posses is it’s mention of reincarnation. This is a very strong belief in the eastern culture. This is seen in the quote “Oh, my daughter, go and look outside at your dog; she is crying. Just now she recognized me from a former life when we knew each other, and she burst out in tears. Pity moved me to weep with her” (Pg. 949) Another piece that originates from the eastern side is The Koran. This piece, written during 633 A.D. in the city of Medina, shows many links to eastern literature. One of these links is that it highly promotes the reign of good over evil. Eastern literature tends to revolve around the balance of good and evil, almost always prevailing on the side of good. This connection is established in the quote “God forgives those who commit evil in ignorance and then quickly turn to Him in repentance. God will pardon them. God is wise and all-knowing. But He will not forgive those who do evil, and when death comes to them, say: ‘Now we repent!’ Nor those who die unbelievers: for them We have prepared a woeful scourge.” (Pg.1012) Another characteristic of eastern literature can be seen in the piece The Thousand and One Nights, originating during the fourteenth century in India. This piece demonstrates obedience to authority, which is significant to eastern literature. Vizier would’ve killed his own daughter by orders of king Shahrayar, this shows just exactly how devoted the eastern side is to obeying authority and carrying out its wishes. This can be shown in the quote “Brother, you were fortunate in killing your wife and her lover, who gave you good reason to feel troubled, careworn, and ill. In my opinion, what happened to you has never happened to anyone else. By God, had I been in your place, I would have killed at least a hundred or even a thousand women. I would have been furious; I would have gone...

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