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Korea ceased being Korea because of the annexation policy which Japan instilled upon them in 1919. Korea took on a new name called Chosen. The very term of Japanese colonialism was labeled by the Japanese inhabitants Nikkan heigo, meaning "amalgamation of Japan and Korea". But the amalgamation of Korea is not a proper term because the Japanese construction did not apply to the Korea citizens. According to Robert T. Oliver in his book called A History of the Korean People in Modern Times the Premier of Japan, Hara Kei, said that "it is the ultimate purpose of the Japanese Government in due course to treat Korea in all respects on the same footing as Japan proper." The following paragraphs below is a examination of Japanese thought concerning Korea and how their policies reflected colonialism instead of "Nikkan heigo" what they considered the amalgamation. There are three elements that come into play when looking into the Japanese envisionment for Korea. Each of these elements were devised to manipulate and twist the Korean's people sense of national and cultural recognition. These three perceptions can be see throw the Japanese creation of a Government-General and the policies that he created concerning the educational system, land reform and policing of Korea. Instead of constructing an equality among the Japanese and Korean people the policies reflected cultural genocide. The first element was the reestablishing of the old Confucian doctoral which was entwined on the population as a basis for moral guidelines. The Japanese wanted to extended this deeply imbedded personal ideology to reflect the Japanese-Korean relationship. Not just loyalty to ones parents, but loyalty to the Emperor of Japan was demanded. Confucian teachings were there before and taught morale ideals, religiosity and decorum. Japan wished to spread these ideas into the political realm of Korean society. Ritual practices were formulated to procreate mass public obedience to the Japanese Empire. Children in school were taught to bow east to show reverence to the Emperor of Japan. School text books were inducted to produced these more politicize Confucian moral values. The second was creating a common link between languages since the grammatical structure roughly follows the same rules. Therefore the schools took upon the adoption of Japanese as there primary language and Korean as secondary. The third element was the Japanese view on Koreans politically unstable past to demonstrate how impossible it was for the Korean people to be an independent nation. They undertook the example of the short-lived Great Han Empire to justify there presence as rightful predecessors to Korea. Basically remarking that it was Koreans destine to be ruled and that Japan would be far more advantageous ruler than China or any other foreign power. Japan seen Korea as an extension of the Japanese land, Korea was given references as "Outer Land" while Japan was considered "Inner...

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