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Easy Acess To Pornographic Material On The Internet

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Pornography on the Internet is far too accessible especially to children. In fact while searching the Internet one is more than likely to run into pornography without trying to. If one is to run into pornography so easily on Internet, children are just as likely to run into the same pornographic images and web-sites. That is why there needs to be regulations on who is allowed in Internetpornographic web-sites. After all, if a person is old enough and has any business being in a web-site with adult content they should not have a problem getting into it easily. If we censor pornography on the Internet we can keep adult content out of the hands of minors. Pornography is as easy as a click away on the World Wide Web. Any child seeking this material will have no problem getting access to it over the web. Most pornographic web-sites do not even have a warning of adult content before entering the site. Not only do they have access to it but are receiving it in mass distributions of pornographic content to random e-mail addresses. Pornography is regulated in public, as it needs to be on the Internet. Minors do not have access to pornographic material at movie theaters or stores and access to it needs to be restricted from children using the Internet. It is far to easy for a child not seeking pornographic material to run into it while using the Internet. A simple click on a non-sexual related web-site could result in pop-up of three or four adult pornographic web-sites or images. Even a simple typo could result in unwanted pornographic material as my brother in law discovered at work. While searching the Internet he accidentally typed "e-bat" instead of "e-bay". In seconds he was viewing explicit pornographic material. Material that is by far unsuitable for children to be viewing. Considering the "t" and the "y" are located...

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