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Easyjet Case Study Enviromental Analysis And Business Strategy Analysis

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ORGANISATION AND MANAGEMENT PRACTICESEASYJET REPORTStudent Name: Song HuiMatriculation Number: 200411997Module Number: MGTMM20Word Count: 3407 wordsCONTENTINTRODUCTION 牋牋牋牋3OVERVIEW OF EASYJET 牋牋牋牋3MISSION STATEMENT 牋牋牋牋3MAJOR STAKEHOLDER GROUPS 牋牋牋牋3INTERNAL ANALYSIS 牋牋牋牋5STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES (S.W.O.T ANALYSIS) 牋牋牋牋5Strengths 牋牋牋牋5Weaknesses 牋牋牋牋5VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS 牋牋牋牋6RESOURCES & CORE COMPETENCE 牋牋牋牋6Resources 牋牋牋牋6Core Competence 牋牋牋牋7EXTERNAL ANALYSIS 牋牋牋牋8OPPORTUNITIES & THREATS (S.W.O.T ANALYSIS) 牋牋牋牋8Opportunities 牋牋牋牋8Threats 牋牋牋牋8FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS OF COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT 牋牋牋牋8Potential Entrants 牋牋牋牋8The bargaining power of buyers 牋牋牋牋9The bargaining power of suppliers 牋牋牋牋9The threat of substitutes 牋牋牋牋9Industry competitors 牋牋牋牋9STRATEGY 牋牋牋牋11GENERIC STRATEGY 牋牋牋牋11PRODUCT & MARKET ANALYSIS 牋牋牋牋11Product Analysis 牋牋牋牋11The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) growth share matrix 牋牋牋牋12Growth Strategies - Organic/ Acquisition / Diversification 牋牋牋牋12STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION 牋牋牋牋14MATCHING STRATEGY WITH RESOURCES 牋牋牋牋14MANAGING CHANGE 牋牋牋牋14EVALUATION 牋牋牋牋15CONCLUSION 牋牋牋牋17BIBLIOGRAPHY 牋牋牋牋18APPENDICES 牋牋牋牋20INTRODUCTIONOverview of EasyjetEasyjet was established in March 1995[Key events in our history, Easyjet, 2004], with low-cost flights from London's Luton Airport to Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. The flights were full, and the demand for low-cost flights grew rapidly throughout the whole country. Since then, Easyjet was concentrated on expanding itself and raised additional finance to invest in additional aircrafts.Today, Easyjet is one of the Europe's leading low-cost airlines offering 105 routes to 38 key business and leisure airports in Europe [2003 Annual Report and Accounts, Easyjet, p 16, 2004].This is proved by their corporate figures, with a total turnover of 2 million and pre-tax profits of million in 2003 [2003 Annual Report and Accounts, p 4, Easyjet, 2004]. They are by no means struggling to keep up. With a customer base that has...

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8135 words - 33 pages they gave room for "Budget Airline Business". REPORT ABOUT EASYJET Seite 11/53 C:\Users\rf\Documents\A R C H I V 311013\F I R M E N R E I N H A R D 301109\MBA FILES 160108\B820_Strategy\TMA\TMA01\TMA01_B820rf.doc Druck: 20.11.13, 22:42 B. Analysis of EasyJet Strategy B.1 Strategic Environment for Easyjet B.1.1 Easyjet Mission Statement To provide our customers with safe, good value, point-to-point air services. To effect and to offer a consistent