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Objective: (1) To provide you with the opportunity actively to familiarize yourself with cultural divsersity; (2) to apply concepts you have learned in class and lecture to a topic of your choosing; and (3) to improve your analytical and writing skills. This assignment partially fulfills the goals of the USP writing requirement.Mechanics: Your essay should conform to the following criteria: 1. Mechanics: 3-5 pages in length (not including cover sheet or bibliography), typed in standard type size (i.e., 10-12 point computer font), double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Add a cover sheet to your paper, which includes the name of the course, the title of the assignment, your own title, your name, your discussion section no., the name of your teaching assistant, and the date. Your paper must be stapled in the upper left-hand corner (NOTE: No staplers are available in the lecture hall). Copies of referenced articles used should be attached to your paper.2. Organization: Written in proper scientific essay style, with an introduction, middle, and conclusion. The introduction (about 1 paragraph) should tell the reader what your topic is, include a brief statement of why you chose that particular topic (your interest in it), and then briefly outline what follows in the paper (i.e., how it is organized). The middle forms the bulk of your paper, and should be analytically descriptive. Your conclusions (ca. 2-3 paragraphs) should succinctly summarize (again) what you have done, while simultaneously bringing out the most interesting or intriguing aspects of your analysis.3. If your paper uses references, it should properly cite them. Your TA will be reviewing proper reference citation in discussion section. PLAGIARISM, i.e., copying or paraphrasing any portion of text directly from another source (printed or on the web) without acknowledging that source, will be dealt with as stated in the syllabus.4. You will be graded on grammar, syntax, spelling and English mechanics (see Paper Evaluation Criteria on the website under Course Materials). If you are uncertain about these, get help from your Writing Center located in the basement of the Young Library (257-1356). You may walk in, but they prefer you call ahead and make a ½ hour appointment. Bring both your draft and this writing assignment sheet with you to the meeting.5. Hand your paper in on time, i.e., within the first 10 minutes of the class period during which the paper is due. See your syllabus for the policy on late assignments.Writing Assignment Options: Choose ONE of the following writing assignment options.1. Participate in the Ethnic Dialogues taking place this semester, and write about your experience. For your ANT 160 Term Paper, maintain a journal of your participation, including 1-2 pages on each meeting that recounts and reflects on your participation (hand writing the journal is OK). For the term paper (this part must be typed and must follow the above instructions on ?mechanics?), type up...

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