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"Eat Drink Man Woman" Compare And Contrast The Three Daughters And Give Your Opinions Of Them. Cite Evidence To Underscore Your Points.

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In the film "Eat Drink Man Woman", Ang Lee portrays a tale of a master chef and his three daughters in a warm exploration of tradition, modernity, family relationships, love and friendship. By presenting each of their unique character and personality, he shows how a traditional society tries to adapt to the modern world, and westernization affecting the traditions and culture of the once traditional Chinese society.The eldest daughter, Jia-Jen, is a teacher at her late twenties, teaching chemistry in a school to boys who treat her with a mixture of respect and insolence. She is also a devoted Christian. She appears peaceful, obedient and always resigning to fate, like in the case when the other two daughters announced that they are going to move out of the house and everyone expected her to be the one daughter that is left behind in the house with her father, even herself. But actually, she is rather resentful of other people's lives, yet deep inside, she desires that life. She does not want to be treated as the "old maid" that people think that she is. Eventually, she hides behind her Christian faith, in a life of selfless devotion and prayer, where she can be accepted for who she is, which means that she does not have to reflect on herself or feel that emptiness within and have an excuse to hide from herself, her family and society. She hides her emotional trauma, hoping that running away from reality, unable to face reality. Also, from the way she reacts when she received all the love letters, we can feel her desperation to find back the life that she deprived herself of for so long, and when she finally could not keep restricting herself anymore, Jia-Jen sort of explodes, breaking from all the constrains that she set for herself. In the opening sequence of the film, it already foreshadows this outcome when Jia-Jen was listening to a very serene and calm music in her headphones, but it suddenly spoils and she hits the headphones, "forcing it into submission", just like what she did to her husband. This is a sudden and distorted contrast to the image that she projects, which make me feel that, maybe she had being hiding behind a mask all this time.The middle daughter, Jia-Chien, is a airline executive at a thriving corporate, at the start of the film, we are given the idea that to her, her career comes before all else, as the film moves on, we realize that although she tries to hide it, but her devotion to her family and love for cooking actually had an equally important place in her heart. In the economic world, she is aggressive, demanding and all the more competitive. This can be easily shown when we see her at work, the forceful and successful businesswoman. This is clearly shown at the opening scene where she was in her large, spacious office, at her computer, focused and dedicated at her work. Maybe this is her way of hiding away from the pain and hurt of being banned from the kitchen, as compared too Jia-Jen hiding behind her Christian...

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