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Eat Your Greens – Do Not Smoke Them

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"Weed", "pot", "chronic", "sticky icky", and many others, are all nicknames for the widely popular and intoxicating narcotic known as marijuana. The drug has a history that can be traced as far back as 10,000 BCE. However, it is currently most commonly used to smoke for its mind-altering effects. The narcotic marijuana gives its users a temporary feeling of relaxation, tranquility, and hilarity. Unfortunately, the disadvantages and potential dangers heavily outweigh the benefits. Our current marijuana laws and regulations are necessary to keep as it protects the safety, health and future of this great nation. Members of Canadian society with healthy, stable and uninfluenced minds and bodies allow for a safe community and a bright future.

Regular and constant use of the narcotic results in dangerous affects to an individual's health and development. Scientific research has indicated that frequent use of the drug causes damage and increases potential health risks to the human body, especially the reproductive, immune and respiratory systems and brain. THC is the main chemical property of marijuana that is responsible for altering what an individual perceives. The weakening of short-term memory and the inability to process and remember new information is a result of THC being attached to certain brain receptors. Marijuana can cause a person's emotions to vary and change from one moment to the next. The limbic system is the area that is affected by marijuana and can cause an individual to act in a paranoid manner. Similar to how emotions and short-term memory are affected, someone who is under the influence of marijuana impairs their coordination, ability to perform the simplest of tasks that one can usually do such as drive a car, and control their movement. In addition, heavy use over a long period of time may result in an individual to experience amotivational syndrome. The disorder makes the user develop feelings that lack ambition and concern. He or she will also become apathetic and increasingly physically inactive. Furthermore, marijuana smoke which is inhaled into the body contains carcinogenic chemical properties similar to that of tobacco smoke. However, unlike tobacco smoke, the cancer causing agents in marijuana are far more potent and concentrated. Five joints over the course of a week is the equivalent to a packet cigarettes during the same time period. It is important to understand that by inhaling carcinogens over a long period of time could result in an extremely high risk of cancer. Inhaling the carcinogens from marijuana smoke regularly causes respiratory damage and can even cause issues with breathing similar to that of cigarette smokers. Destruction of lung tissue is a result of exposure to the narcotic over a long period of time. Cannabis is also detrimental to the male and female reproductive systems. In the case of males, marijuana causes a decrease in male testosterone levels. Sperm count and structure is affected when...

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