Eating And Drinking In Labour Essay

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Eating and Drinking in Labour Eating and drinking in labour is a controversial issue for some women.
However, most women wish to eat and drink in early labour. Although
some women do not want to eat, particularly in the later stages, but
midwives do understands the implication of eating and drinking or
fasting in labour. Hence, it is important for the midwife to be
effective in her role encouraging women to eating and drinking in
labour. This essay aim to reflect on the skill practiced in meeting
the need of a labouring woman in encouragement to eating and drinking
in labour. A woman looked after will be called Kate for the purpose of
this essay. The author will explain the physiological effect of
restricting eating and drinking in labour. The policy on eating and
drinking will be discussed. A review of what have been learnt from
available evidence on eating and will be analysed. A conclusion will
be drawn. The Gibbs cycle (1988) will be employed as a reflective
framework. Smith (1995) explained that reflection is an intellectual
and affective activity through which individuals explore their
experiences in order to develop new understanding and appreciation.
Confidentiality is maintained throughout by not disclosing the
identity of the woman. Pseudonym will be used. This complies with the
Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code of Professional Practice
(2002) which states that information should only be disclosed through
consent if required for public interest by court order.

Kate was a 22-year-old primigravida. She was very overdue and was
admitted on the labour suit at 5 a.m. She was induced with prostin.
Kate was encouraged to eat and drink regularly at her early stage. A
little snack every hour and drink was encouraged at her early stage of
labour. It was explained to her to eat and drink so that she can store
up plenty of energy for the work ahead of her. She was encouraged
according to the practice recommendation of the unit to eat food like
carbohydrates, which are especially good for labour because they
guarantee a long, slow release of energy to help with contraction. She
was encouraged to choose from cereals, pasta, bread, potatoes,
bananas, and rice. She is also encourage to drink yoghurt, soups and
water and advice to avoid fizzy drink as well as acidic fruit juice
such as orange or grapefruit. There was no progress in Kate induction,
and totally four doses of prostin and syntox infusion was
administered, with no effect. On vagina examination at 1500 p.m she
was one 1cm cervix...

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